Change Windows 7 User Account Picture Frame On Start Menu [ For Windows 7 & Vista ]

We had recently posted about a tool which can remove or delete user account picture in windows 7, Today we tell you another tool which can remove the windows 7 user account picture frame or lets you replace with some custom frame for a different look. The user account picture frame appears on windows 7 start menu as shown in the image below.


Windows 7 User Picture Frame Changer is another freeware that allows you to change the user picture frame in Windows 7 with just one click.


Please note that you will need to run the software with administrator rights, and once you click the button change user picture frame, you will need to locate the bitmap file of the picture frame, you can get several pictures frame bitmap files at this link and once the picture frame is changed windows explorer will be restarted.

Below is an example snapshot showing a different type of picture frame on windows 7 start menu using this software.


Download Windows 7 User Account Picture Frame Changer

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