Change Windows 7 Taskbar Items, Buttons Color

If you have a habit of opening too many windows on your computer and then struggling to find the useful one for you, then I have a smart solution for you. The best part is that besides solving this problem you can also personalize your system with the help of this tool. You can call this tool as TaskBowFree, in this post I will tell you that how you can use this tool to help you in find any window easily by just taking a glance at your taskbar.


You can see the screenshot of the effects caused by this tool to your taskbar. This tool will help you to code the taskbar icons of the in windows of any specific application with a specific color. For example, you can make all the Word documents to appear in blue color whenever they are opened on your computer. Now you will have a setup in mind that all the blue color taskbar icons will be off Word files, so it will be quite easier for you to pick them out from the bundle of the windows opened on the taskbar.


Once you launch this tool, you will see an application window as mentioned in the snapshot above. If you want to change the settings of the color or if you want to add any other application then click the highlighted settings button and then you will another application windows as mentioned in the snapshot below. You can see all the application which has already been used under this tool and this means that all the applications mentioned in the list will have the effect of this tool and they will be encoded in different color once this tool launches. Just double click on any of the names to see their settings or you can click the ‘+’ sign to add a new application in that list.




Now you can add any other application by browsing its executable file in the appropriate field and then you can mark its color by again clicking Settings button, then you will see the color settings with the help of which you can decide the background color of the icons and also the color of the text written in the icon. You can use the other options in the tool, to make it start as the system starts. The only problem is that whenever you exit this tool and then restart this then you will have to add the applications again. The size of this tool is around 1MB and it is portable. We have used this tool on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, if you face any issue then please let us know.

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