Change Windows 7 Starter Default Desktop Background Wallpaper

Windows 7 Starter has gained the popularity at a very fast rate. But still there are some features which are missing and makes it quite uninteresting. The very first problem faced by Windows 7 Starter users is to apply the desktop background. The feature is not available. So, you have to work with a blank black desktop. The tool I am going to review today will not only help to overcome the problem but also makes your wallpaper better than others. The tool Oceanis Change Background W7 facilitates to change the wallpaper with some added features.

Oceanis Change Background W7 is a freeware of 3.25 MB. It can apply the wallpapers in different layouts and display schemes.It contains four default wallpapers as shown in the snapshot below.


When you will install the software, a wallpaper will be automatically applied from this default wallpaper list.


Now, you can choose the wallpapers you want to apply. Few clicks will let your job done. Browse the folder from which you want to select the wallpaper. All the pictures in the folder will be displayed by the tool. Select the wallpaper with the help of the check box on it. It can be better understood with the help of the snapshot below.


You need not to change the wallpaper from time to time. You can have a slide show on your screen. You just have to select all the pictures or some specifics which you want in the slide show. By default, the slide will be in the sequence the pictures are displayed in the list. You can choose shuffle to change the order automatically. The time between the two wallpapers can vary from 1 minute to 1 day. It can be chosen from the list as shown in the snapshot below.


So, now you can change the desktop manually whenever you like or set an automatic change. There is extra consumption of power during the slide show. So, you can choose to automatically switch off the slide show when your laptop is working on the battery power.

There are some more facilities. You can choose the picture position. It can be used to fill the screen, fit according to the space, in the tile format, placed in the center or displayed in the stretched manner.


The network tab presents the option whether you want to enable or disable the adhoc networks for the tool.

Now, you can change your desktop background and enjoy the wonderful wallpapers.

Download Oceanis Change Background W7

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