Change Windows 7 Explorer Windows Color With Aero Enabled

One of the features which differentiate Windows Vista and Windows 7 from Windows XP is their Aero-effect and it also one of the most beautiful visual features introduced in the up-gradation of this Operating System. But here is constraint lies because you are not allowed to personalize this effect in Windows Operating System, you can just turn them OFF and ON. In this post I will tell you about a tool with the help of which you can alter color parameter in this effect.


Before proceeding further let me tell you that this tool does not have any User interface, in other words I should say that you will not find any application windows of this tool, after installation you will see that there will be 3 icons on the desktop with the help of which you can start this tool, Stop this tool and can alter the settings of the tool. You can see the window which can be used to alter the settings for the color of the aero effect.


You can see that in the screenshot there is a window which has a bar which is based on ‘Time’. Now after setting the time interval, you will that aero effect of Windows on your computer changes color randomly after that particular span of time. There will be no option for you to choose the pattern or any specific color for the aero effect and every time you use it, you might see a different pattern in changing the color for the aero effect. When you want to start the tool, then you have that Shortcut on that desktop and similar account can also be found for closing this tool.

This size of this tool is around and it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition, so if you face any issue while using then please let us know. Apart from this tool, I never came across any tool which can do the same, so I think this is the only option. Desktop shortcuts are little bit annoying, this tool would have been better if these would have been replaced by Taskbar tray icons.

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