Change Windows 7 Default Icons In Taskbar and Start Menu

With the huge popularity of Windows 7, the demand and popularity of tricks and tools which can be used to change appearance of Windows 7 is also increasing. We have earlier posted lots of articles like driver icon changer, taskbar tweeker, Aquasna and much more which you can use to change appearance of your Windows 7, so today we will be telling you about a new tool called 7Conifier which you can use to change icons of all programs in your start menu and taskbar.

7Conifier is a very simple and brilliant tool which can change icons of all your programs in start menu and taskbar in just few seconds. The manual way to do this is to go to program files and then change icon present in particular program file. But this tool will ease your job and will save lot of your time by changing icons in just single click.

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When you run this tool, you will see a window as shown above. Always make sure to click on Yes and save your default configuration else if you don’t save your default configuration and then after using this tool you want to change your icons to default, it will become really tough for you to recover your default settings. Even if you Google this problem, you wont find any solution. But don’t worry, I will tell you about the solution of this problem too in the end.

So after clicking on “Yes” you will see a window like follow.

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In the left part, as you can see above, you will see three preinstalled icon packages with name Eclipse 2, Token Dark and Token Light. The fourth is the Default one, which is your current icon appearance. So if you want to see the preview of icons for any of the preinstalled icon package, first select the package and then click on icons. Now you will see how your icons will appear after applying this package.

05-09-2010 19-01-52

To see how it actually functions, you can have a look at following two snapshots.

05-09-2010 19-05-19

05-09-2010 19-08-09

So you can see that it have changed icons of explorer, media player and chrome. The two problem which I faced about this tool are that this tool is not changing the icons of my start menu and second is that, this tool is also not changing icons of some of my applications like windows live writer and SnagIt because for these programs there is no icons in default icon list of all packages.

The procedure to apply any desired package is first to select that package and then click on Apply button which is on top of screen. Then a dialog box will open as follows.

05-09-2010 19-15-14

Click on apply and then within few seconds, your all icons will change according to desired package. You can even create your own package by clicking on Create Manually. You can even use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M to create a package. After that, just add icon images for all programs whose icons you want to change and then save that package with a name. Then you will be able to use that package anytime in future.

05-09-2010 19-17-18

Now I will tell you the solution of problem which I discussed in starting i.e how to recover your default icons if you forgot to save your default settings? To recover your default package, first select any package and then click on package which is located on top left menu and then click on edit package. After clicking on icons, select all the icon which is shown in the list by holing the Ctrl key and then click on use default icon which I have highlighted in following snapshot. After doing this for all icons save the changes and then apply this package. You will surely get back to your default configuration.

05-09-2010 19-24-05

The size of this tool is around 2 Mb and it requires no installation. This tool is designed for all editions of Windows 7 and has been tested with above mentioned problem in windows 7- 32 bit edition with 1Gb RAM and 2.8 GHz processor.

Download 7Conifier

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