Change Windows 7 Aero Glass Color

Wallpapers have been one of the medium for entertainment and fun for the computer users. Users for their fun keeps on changing the wallpaper of their system. But, as each time they have to do this manually, thus it becomes a boring task for them after some time. So, in order to provide a facility to the user where one can select various wallpapers which keeps on changing automatically after a regular interval of time becomes an easy task for the user. Here we present a new tool for the user of Windows 7, which allows them to automatically change their system’s wallpaper with different Windows 7 Aero Glass color effect according to the kind of desktop wallpaper that the user has already selected.

Aero Color Show is a simple, easy to use and effective tool which changes the Windows 7 Aero Glass effects and it allows the users to choose and select their favourite wallpapers from the list in order to apply one of the matching Aero Glass effect. This doesn’t mean that it limits the user to the currently applied desktop wallpaper Aero shades. It continuously changes the effects as it cycles through the available multi-coloured aero glass shades. It enables the Glass look which appears as if the user can look through it and the user feels as if the Start Menu, taskbar, and all onscreen windows and dialog boxes have a new glass-like translucent polish on them.

There are various Aero glass effects that are available for Windows 7 which provides a different look altogether along with a more professional look for the user. In order to use this small tool, you just have to download it and then install the program. After installing, when you launch the tool, it will ask you to choose and pick your wallpapers that you want to cycle through. Then for the different colour effects, just click on the “Other Settings” tab available on the same window. One of the checkbox that appear in it is “Change Aero Color” box and check this box for further effects. For eg., you may select wallpapers having red, blue, yellow and other shades, and then finally set them in the order in which you want them to appear. Then define the time interval after which you want the effect to be changed. Once you are completed with all these steps, you may observe that it will start changing Aero Glass shade effects.

Till now, AeroWallpaperChanger is a free download for Windows only. Later, it may come up for the other operating systems as well. Although, it a small tool and that also just for fun, but you may try it if you want some better interface and look for your system.

Download Aero Color Show

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