Change Web Page Content, Remove Items Before Giving Final Print Commands [Firefox]

It is generally required by the people to edit the webpage to take the desired content before printing it. Unfortunately, conventional browsers do not allow this feature. However, modern browsers like Mozilla Firefox facilitates you with the feature. It will help you to easily edit components of the webpage before printing it. Here, I would like to review Print Edit which is a Mozilla Firefox add-on feature and can be easily downloaded from the internet.

The add-on is a small freeware of 25 KB only. Once the add-on is installed in the Browser, the Print Preview mode of the browser can be entered. The webpage can be edited now. And, it will happen in the print preview mode only by clicking on the Edit button. The Edit button is available in the menu near the close button in the print preview mode.


The above snapshot shows the browser in the print preview mode. The add-on provides numerous options. There are various editing commands inbuilt which includes selecting, deleting section, hiding section and formatting section. It also has Hide Except and Delete Except features which are used to hide or delete parts of the page which are not selected by the user.

Click on the Edit button to proceed. The new window will be opened as shown below.


Select any portion of the page. It will activate the various options as shown on the menu bar of the browser. It includes Deselect, Format, Hide, Delete, Delete Except, Options, Preview and Close. Select any one of the given options to carry out the editing in the required manner.

The working and use of the add on can be followed as. Click on the Hide button to hide the portion which is selected. Similarly, use the delete button to delete it. The only difference between Hide and Delete is that Hide keeps the position of the other sections constant, while the delete option shifts the position of various sections. The comparison between the Hide option and the Delete option has been clearly shown in the snapshots below.

Hide Option:


Delete Option:


The options Hide except and Delete Except are going to the same operations but on the sections, which are not selected by the user. The Options button contains several options, namely Display Appearances, Highlight Box, Select Boxes, Format Properties, and Hide and Undo options.

So, one can always change the configuration as per the likings. View the page as you want it to be. This will surely make the use of Mozilla Firefox interesting. It is designed to work with Firefox 3.6 – 4.0b6.

Download Print Edit

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