Change Wallpaper By Shaking Mobile Phone [For Symbian 5th Edition]

Appearance is one of the important feature of a mobile that attracts a new buyer. Infact i wish to stress upon the inner beauty of the mobile phone which includes its themes and wallpapers. Many buyers including me always go for that gadget which has a rich appearance and to modify the same we do download new themes and wallpapers from millions of websites on the internet.

Now suppose that the downloading part is over and the real task of applying a new wallpaper is to be proceeded with. Initially it will be very exciting but don’t you think that changing a wallpaper by going into the gallery and applying it becomes undesirable after a period of time? Times have changed now as a new application called as Shake n Screen is available for Nokia phones running Symbian 60v5 at a cost of 75 INR.

Shake n Screen lets you add wallpapers of your choice to its database and then changes the wallpaper of your phone from those added files, whenever you shake it. The app runs in the background and can be exited anytime you want. The app provides you full freedom to control all its features like Auto Start, Auto Hide, Sensitivity etc but the most important of them all is the Power Saving Mode.

This mode keeps a track of the phone’s activity status and if found inactive for some time, stops changing the wallpaper.Activating or deactivating the app is also not a big deal since the first button of the first image lets you activate or deactivate it over a single press.To start using the app, first open it, add screens or wallpapers and hide the app. From now onwards the moment you give your symbian device a jerk, the wallpaper will automatically get changed.

The images shown below are enough to explain you the working procedure of this cool app.



Nokia S60 5th edition

Download Shake n Screen

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