Change Visible Transparency Of Windows 7 Taskbar

With new features being added to windows 7 day by day, this is one of the feature which many users were looking for. If you were also there in a search for this feature and if you wants to control and adjust the transparency of Windows 7 taskbar then we can recommend you an application for this. For some users it might just be for fun, but some users might have been looking for this functionality.

Taskbar Transparency is basically a portable application which allows you to adjust the transparency of the Windows 7  taskbar. It provides you with a special feature that can easily tweak taskbar transparency for allowing under lying wallpapers to provide a background for your taskbar which enables you too see the wallpaper more clearly.

Transparent TaskBar has a miniscule interface that makes it easy and simple to adjust the transparency level of your Taskbar with the help of a slider. It not only gives a good look for your wallpaper but also makes your system to look like more creative and full with innovative ideas. On observing it for the first time, it left us a little puzzled about how the program works, but as we looked into the program’s folder to read the included documentation we found its basic functionality which is very simple to understand and even a normal user can use it and adjust the transparency. Also, right-clicking the interface brings up a pop-up menu that contains a few tabs for adjusting the Taskbar transparency. In our tests, transparency changes took immediate effect, and adjusting the slider to the highest level of transparency made our Taskbar fully invisible. You may also try it and you will definitely feel these results.

After launching this app, right click on the system tray icon and select Settings.


After selecting this option, hit a key combination to assign hotkey (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+T) and select transparency level. 255 is the maximum level for an opaque taskbar, whereas reducing the transparency will require selecting a lower level such as 100. If you would like to make the taskbar invisible, then type 0. After selecting a hotkey and transparency level, click OK.


You can toggle between the transparent and opaque taskbar by hitting the assigned hotkey. Below is a comparison of a transparency level of 170 as compared to the default 255 transparency level. As you can see, even the pinned icons on the taskbar will appear transparent, the same will be true for any minimized windows.


As you may see in the image shown above, the program works well, and even closing the program or restarting our computer will not remove the transparency effect. So, there is no need to reconfigure your transparency setting every time you reboot or restart the system. However, the general lack of other features lessens its appeal. Over all, this freeware is easy to use and will satisfy any user who is looking for basic transparency features.

It allows you to easily adjust your taskbar’s transparency level for free. The adjustment is in real time, allowing you to watch your taskbar change transparently as you slide your mouse up and down the transparency scale. You can just try it out as it is a small application and won’t take much of the memory space and your time.

Download Taskbar Transparency

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