Change, Set Enter Button On Macbook Keyboard To Open Files In Mac OS X Like Windows Rather Then Renaming The File

Recently after so many days I have started using mac os x again on my macbook pro, just for FYI i normally run windows 7 and mac os x in dual boot using bootcamp, and I use windows 7 as my primary OS.

This article is dedicated to all the windows users who have started using using mac os x, once of the most crappy thing which I found in mac os is that in the finder window if you want to open a file which is displayed in finder window, if you press enter the file instead of opening up, will gets to rename action as if you wanted to rename it, almost the windows users who have just switched to mac os will find it crappy.

As when I searched on how to open a file using keyboard in mac os x I got to know that in order to open you need to press command + o key or command + up arrow key to open a file, I found it really frustrating as windows user previously, so as many others, so there is solution for all of us who are not used to the mac os crappy keyboard shortcuts to do simple task like opening a file.

There is a free software which lets you revert back the functionality enter key on keyboard in mac os just like you have in mac os, returnopen is the name of the software which lets you open files and folders on your Mac with the Return Key, just like you did in Windows on mac os, unfortunately it works from mac os x 10.3.x to 10.5.x but it does not work on mac ox leopard.


Developer Message For Snow Leopard Users about ReturnOpen

One of the changes Apple made to Finder in 10.6 causes it to ignore the work ReturnOpen does to set your return key as a shortcut for the “Open” command. If you install ReturnOpen on a 10.6 machine you will notice that the “Open” menu item under the “File” menu displays the return key as its shortcut, however, it seems that the new Finder overrides this preference. I’m looking for a solution in the little spare time that I have. If you can offer any insight, please share your ideas and knowledge, the many ReturnOpen users and I will be grateful.

Download ReturnOpen For Mac OS X 10.3.x to 10.5.x

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PS: I am a power windows user and windows lover :P

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