Change Screen Timeout or Lock Out Time On Android Phone [ For All Android Phones ]

I have been using Nexus one for some time, it is an amazing android phone specially it rocked after the recent android 2.2 Froyo update. One of the most annoying thing about the phone interface is the screen lock out time is to too low by default around 1 minute or 30 seconds in some android devices. There are many users who would like change the default lock out time period of their android phones as per their own preference.

The procedure given below applies to almost all the android phones including nexus one, droid, droid x, samsung galaxy s and lot more others android phones too. Follow the procedure given below on your android phone

1. On your android phone, go to phone settings, by pressing the soft menu key on the phone as shown in the image below


Now tap display settings as shown in the image below


Under display settings, tap Screen timeout as shown in the image below


Now select the timeout period now a shown in the image below



  1. Yevgeny Streltsov says

    I like you, this feature is easy to forget after investigating Android in a Samsung showroom pavilion. I just Googled “android lock screen timeout” and your wonderful post came up.


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