Change, Rotate Background Account Login Screen Periodically

Customizing the appearence of your system makes it more attractive and thus you feel more comfortable in working on your system. If the appearence comforts your eyes and mind, then your work capacity increases and thus it feels good to work on a system. One of the important part of the theme a window is the logon window, which is hard to change and thus it becomes monotonous. Today, I will be reviewing a tool named as ‘Logon Screen Rotator’, which will help you to solve this problem in better style.

As we have mentioned about some tool which can edit the logon screen like ‘7 Logon Screen Manager’ and ‘Windows XP Logon Wallpaper changer’ but This tool will not only edit the logon screen but also keep on changing it at a certain frequency mentioned by you. The range of images will also be provided by you from which the images will keep on changing.

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When you launch this tool, you will not find any icon to add or remove any image. So, do not get confused as if you want to any image or any folder then you can choose that option, present in the context menu of the space present in between the application window. You can either add an image or you can add a folder, once all the images are added to this tool, it will keep on changing the background image of logon window among them.

You can vary the frequency of the change in the logon window background, by the help of setting option. you can change it at each computer logon, or every time when you lock your system or you can stop them to change or you can change them every time when you lock or logon to your system. There are some of the options under setting which are disabled, they will enabled only when you upgrade that tool.

You can also revert back the settings of your logon window if you are not satisfied with the amendments made by this tool. If you want to see the preview then you can click view button, which will lock your system. But in the preview you will not be able to see whether the images are being changed or not.

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The size of this tool is around 2 Mb and it will take few seconds to get installed. Once installed it leave a desktop shortcut icon, from where it can be accessed. This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Logon Screen Rotator

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