Change, Revert To Older Layout Of Gmail

Gmail team has just rolled out the new gmail layout with a cleaner look for all the gmail users our there, The newer enhanced Web 2.0 AJAX based web mail user interface appear identical to the old version, only with new and enhanced JavaScript architecture. They have made some changes to the old way the contacts looks like and now it is called contact manager with inline search and better manageability, create files based on current message and a new “Mute” label, plus other enhancements.

But still many users who are using gmail on slow or moderate internet connections speed faced the following issues

  • Very slow loading of Gmail on initial load of Inbox or when switch to other sections or labels, or Contacts, All Mail or Sent Mail.
  • Although mail prefetching should load and display the content of email message quickly, but sometimes it doesn’t work, with Loading notification stays on screen, making webmail unresponsive.
  • Lock up or freeze web browser when loading Gmail.
  • Cannot upload and attach files and photos to the mail.
  • Apparent delay or time gap lapse between mouse over the link or check box and when users can finally click on it.
  • Crash the web browser such as IE7, Safari and Firefox.
  • When loading Gmail, CPU resource usage goes up to very high, i.e. 100%).


Getting the following message when trying to open gmail

This seems to be taking longer than usual. If you are using a slow Internet connection, you can wait a bit longer for this page to finish loading, or just use basic HTML view for now. If you are using your normal Internet connection and you usually get past this loading step without any problems, please refresh this page in your browser. If you continue to have trouble loading your account, please visit the help center for troubleshooting information.

You can revert to the older version of gmail anytime just by clicking the older version link shown at the bottom center in gmail interface as shown in the image below


But unfortunately, the next time you login you will be redirected to newer version automatically. In order to stick back to the older layout of gmail, change the Gmail display language to English (UK) in the gmail “Settings”, or any other non English (US) language. Apparently the new Gmail web interface only been rolled out and applied on US English edition. If you change to any other language version, the Gmail will always load in old version as default webmail interface, at least until the locale is affected by the interface change. 

or you can bookmark the URL below to load the older layout of gmail

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