Change, Remove Clock, Notifications, Taskbar Buttons On Windows Taskbar [For Windows 7 & Later]

Earlier when taskbar were introduced with the operating system, then it made work lot easier for the user. Simple shortcuts provided great facility for many functionalities. When Windows 7 were introduced they became hugely popular due to some of the features of the taskbar like pinning sites and apps. Earlier taskbar were used to manage some of the functionalities in a simpler way but know managing this taskbar is emerged as one of the task for the user. There are various combinations and experiments that you can do with the taskbar and to manage all these you can try out some light tool or application.

Ultimate Taskbar Controller is a lightweight, simple to use and very useful application that provides you with a simple means of adjusting several taskbar settings and features with just a single click. Hiding various buttons of your taskbar and your system clock are some of the features which are not present with your windows OS but they are provided by this tool to you.

Similarly, with Ultimate Taskbar Controller, you can, give space between volume and clock, view only a single clock in notification area, collapse and refresh the taskbar, remove/restore clock or notification area and do much more. Although, these functions may look like of no use for many users. But, for someone who wants the system screen to look like a perfect professional screen and who wants all the basic tasks to be done with just a click of a button, this controller may prove to be very helpful.


To try it out, just download it from the below mentioned link and launch the tool. Select the desired features to tweak your taskbar and just play around with them. This may prove to be very useful due to its inventive features. To undo a feature, you just have to uncheck the respective checkbox.

Some of the key features are ::

  1. Remove & Restore Network icon from tray
  2. Remove Notification Area
  3. Remove & Restore Volume icon from tray
  4. Remove Clock forever
  5. Many Clock Tweaks
  6. Move to Tray
  7. Collapse Taskbar
  8. Run in tray on Startup
  9. Integrate to desktop context menu
  10. Run on Startup
  11. Refresh Taskbar
  12. Info Inspector :: To know what is presently going on
  13. Tray context menu
  14. Auto Detector added

The application is completely portable and it can be run from a USB drive as well.

Download Ultimate Taskbar Controller

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