Change, Put SIM Card In iPhone 4

iPhone is no doubt a great phone with some great features, but some people might have issues with iphone like they don’t know how to eject the sim tray out of iphone and how to put sim card in it. Installing or inserting sim card into iphone is quite easy, follow the procedure below to do it.

First look for the SIM Tray Ejecting Tool which comes with iphone, it must be there in iphone box. If you don’t have the sim ejecting tool with you, you can use a paper clip.

Procedure To Put SIM Card In iPhone 4

1. Insert the end of a paper clip or SIM eject tool into the hole on the SIM card tray, Push firmly, straight in until the tray pops out.
2. Pull out the SIM card tray and place the SIM card in the tray as shown.
3. With the tray aligned and the SIM card on top as shown, carefully replace the tray.

See the images below to know how to insert SIM card in iphone 4  and iPhone 3GS



  1. Lucretia says

    Thank you for putting this out there. Goodness knows why Apple didn’t put this in their “tips” booklet in the iPhone box!

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