Change Power Plan Automatically In Windows 7 or Later To Save Battery and Get More Backup

Sometimes when your system is idle the consumption of power is same as it was when it wasn’t idle. In order to optimize your system so that it should not consume the same amount of power when it is idle I have got an application named Boray POWer for you.

Windows 7 has it power option available for you and you can switch between them but that has to be done manually the best advantage about this software is that it will automatically switch you to low power consumption mode once your PC is idle for a certain period of time which can be specified in the tool. The application is supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The application will scale the frequency of your processor to save the power when your system is idle. When you will use this application you will feel as if your computer is running on high performance mode all the time, still the computer will be running on the power saving mode for most of the time. The application will benefit you in both the ways in case you have set the state of your processor to minimum or maximum. If you have set the state of your processor to minimum the application will act as a turbo boost. And in case you have set it to maximum the application will save power, reduce heat and fan noise keeping the computing speed of your system high.

If you use the BorayPOWER and set the power saver mode to 35% and high performance mode to 100, it would be equal to running your CPU at 100% efficiency every time. The application is very simple on the outside and complex on the inside it checks for the user activity 20 times a second and for user inactivity once in a second.

boraypower 1

This is the first screen which will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading the application. The software doesn’t require any installation it will run directly from the exe file which you will get on extracting the ZIP file. The application has a slider to set the idle time after which the application should start saving the power. The application has a Set high and a Set low button to set the performance of the system as High performance or Low performance. There is also a button Save to save your settings. There are four check boxes High Performance, Power Save, Save Stats and Launch at system startup.

Download Boray POWer.

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