Change or Edit Windows Environment Variable With QuickEnv

When it comes to windows programming you may need to change the program variables, to run and enable function which need you to specify environmental variables. But adding environmental variables is quite a time consuming and very delicate task in itself, as in order to add a environmental variables, as you need open advanced system settings >> Environmental Variables


While entering the environmental variables, you also need to take care of the semicolon at the end of entering the new environmental path, Alternatively you can try new software called QuickEnv which allows you edit and add new environmental variable in faster way as shown in the image below.


You can add the environmental variable for the current  user and the machine, with this program it is possible to customize which variables that are commonly changed in an XML formatted list.

Note: This application is still in Alpha stage and without installer, but fully functional. Still to come is the installer.

Download QuickEnv

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