Change Mouse Mode Quickly With Swap Mouse Button

Just in case your computer is being used by two different people who are used to different mouse buttons layout one used to right button layout and other one used to left hand layout, In such a case it could be a pain to go to mouse settings again and again every time they use the same PC and change the mode as per their convenience.

Swap Mouse Buttons is a free to use program which allows you to swap the mouse buttons left and right very quickly, so you can change the mouse mode from right handed to left handed and vice versa very quickly with this tool.


You can swap or swap and close so even this program window will disappear after changing the mouse mode, this is quite useful portable utility for some people.

A Note From Developer – In the war against RSI, I learned to use the mouse right handed and left handed. By swapping one or twice a day there’s a lower risk for RSI.

Download Swap Mouse Button to change mouse mode quickly

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