Change Mac OS X Snow Leopard Hidden System Settings With Deeper

If you’ve read some of the Mac OS X tips and tricks that we post here on Technix Update, then you would have noticed that many of them involve running some commands in the Terminal. These are important system settings that Apple has intentionally left out from the System Preferences for the sake of simplicity (and security, changing some of these settings can potentially render your system unusable), but has kept options open for advanced users so that they customize their system by using command-line tools.

For the less geeky lot, who want to be able to easily tweak these hidden or advanced settings, Deeper is the perfect tool. Deeper is a freeware Mac OS X (10.6+) app, that allows you to change some of these hidden system settings from a familiar, native Mac OS X interface.

Even though the categorization of these settings as done by Apple is a little more complex, the developer of Deeper has clubbed the settings into 10 categories based on applications involved/effected or action performed. The categories are:

  • General – Contains general settings that cannot be clubbed with other categories. Simple settings such as disabling .DS_Store creation on network volumes, and using screensavers as animated desktop backgrounds.
  • Finder – Includes Finder animations, menu bar settings, and window view options.
  • Dock – Change dock appearance, window-dock interaction and behavior, dock separators.
  • Quicktime – Hide/show playback controls and titlebar by default, automatically play videos, force full screen mode.
  • Safari – Content settings, history, browsing, appearance, printing and other Safari tweaks.
  • Mail – Attachments, Mail display.
  • iTunes – Importing options, iTunes Store, Ping, Window settings and mini iTunes player settings.
  • Login – Tweaks for the login screen. Change background, options, menu, appearance, user list, startup mode.
  • Spotlight – Disable Spotlight, show/hide menu bar icon.
  • Misc – Disk Utility, Help Viewer, X11, Screen Sharing, Dashboard.

Basically, Deeper is a centralized control panel for all these little tweaks for system applications on Mac OS X. Though Deeper isn’t the best designed Mac OS X you might have come across, but it is definitely a nifty little tool and can save you from a lot of frustration over looking for a menu option and not finding it, only to learn that it was hidden by Apple in the first place.

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