Change Login Screen Background Wallpaper With Logon Changer

Customization is one thing without which no daily computer operator can survive since one cannot keep looking at the same interface and backgrounds again and again. People try to find as many softwares as they can to simply give their personal computers a little interface makeover and such modifications range from changing the icons or background wallpapers or the screensavers used.

Moreover some users even try their hands on changing the Logon Screen Background which certainly is a bit intricate process and sometimes end up crashing their PC’s or corrupt some files associated with windows. Isn’t there any software which can change your logon screen background according to your wish at a single click? Well to surprise all you readers, a new software named Logon Changer has been developed which lets you change your logon screen background very easily.

Logon Changer Interface

This software has a very simple & easily understandable interface with which even a new user can play around and change his/her backgrounds without getting into any kind of trouble regarding the operating system. And surprisingly the utility hardly occupies any space with the 247KB of size it possesses.

Unique Features of Logon Changer

Although Microsoft imposes an image size restriction of 247KB but no one has to worry since the software itself resizes the background chosen accordingly to fit on the background with the highest quality possible. Another important feature is that all the backgrounds which are used or were previously used are made backup of.

Procedure To Change Logon Screen Background

  • Download the software and open the executable named TweaksLogon and you will come across a very simple interface as seen above. From here click on the Change Logon Screen button which takes you to the archive of the backgrounds, or you can locate your desired backgrounds as well.

Logon Changer backgrounds

  • After selecting the background the program will ask you for compressing the background maintaining the highest quality if, the size exceeds 247 KB where one needs to click yes in order to proceed.

Logon Changer warning

  • As soon as you click yes the background will be changed which can be be tested as well. The image below will gove you a clear view of how the new background will appear like.

Logon Changer Screen

  • Now you just need to close the program and enjoy the new background. In order to revert back, one has to click on the button saying Revert to Default Screen as seen in the above image and the screen will be brought back to the original one.

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Download Logon Changer

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