Change Icons Of Windows Explorer Forward, Back Navigation Buttons

Some of the icons which are used to navigate are small enough to get ignored but it will be really good if you get a chance to change them as per your desires, the change in their status is shown by a very small change in their icons. But you may change them so that they can highlight their status to you by completely changing their appearance. In this post I will be sharing a tool with you which is known as Windows 7 Navigation Buttons Customizer and I will tell you that how you can use that tool.


You can see the snapshot of the tool, where this application covers all the navigation buttons which are present in Windows 7. Now let tell you that that you will have to run this application as an Administrator by right clicking on the file and then choosing the option ‘Run as Administrator’, if you do not follow this step then this application will show an error message on getting launch. This tool is very simple to use.

Just select the status of any icon which you want to change and then go for clicking Change Selected Bitmap, this will take you to another window where you will have to select any of the BMP images which will replace the original icon and if you want to revert back to the original icons then again click the Restore Selected Bitmap will change the button back to normal which has been selected by you. So in this way you can change the icons of your navigation button and this can personalize your system in a better way.

The size of this tool is around 800 KBs and this tool is portable also so you just need to carry it on your USB drive. If you face any problem while launching this tool then you can go for using the ‘Troubleshooting Compatibility option’ and I am sure that this option will resolve the problem. So, go for using this tool and please do write us, if you face any problem while installing or working with this tool, just put down your comments in the comments sections and we will revert back in the same section. We might be able to help you as we have already used this tool. This tool is expected to be compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. I hope that you will like this tool, keep reading and have a nice day.

Download Windows Navigation Button customizer

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