Change File Extension Option In Windows Right Click Menu

You may have come across various situations where you need to find out which software will be used for opening a file with a very rare kind of file extension. Also, sometimes it is vice versa and you need to know that all the file extensions which a software is capable of opening. In both the cases, it is very necessary to know the file extension for a particular file which you want to open or use. As, we all know it is not at all difficult to view the file extension of all the files present in a folder. In Windows one may easily check the extension of a file as Windows always show file extensions by clicking on to the Tools > Folder Options, View tab, and then finally by unselecting the Hide extensions option for known file types. But, what if you want to change the extension of the file to meet the requirements of the software that you want to use. Yes, one of the ways is while renaming the file, you can now change the extension as well. But, if there are many files then it can be a tedious job to rename them one by one.

So, for that we recommend you one of the latest developed utility which can serve this purpose. Change File Extension Shell Menu is a small, easy to use and a useful utility which can be used to change the extension of a file. This can be done very easily as compared to some of the other utilities of its kind, since it integrates in the right-click context menu and allows the user to batch change the extensions of multiple files and that too with a single click. This tool proves to be really helpful especially for those users who are continually changing the extensions very frequently and who wants many files of same type but with different extensions to be run on the same software.



One may download the utility from the link given below and may install it in very simple steps. After downloading the utility, one may observe that even in a single click, it will bring up a dialog where you can type a new extension and hit OK to change it. It will automatically change the extension of all the selected files. So, overall we can say that it is a pretty simple and very useful utility.

Download Change File Extension

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