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One of the main attractive features of an operating system is its appearance. We can see the development in this feature, when we consider the upgrading of Windows XP to Windows 7. So, I can say that appearence really matters a lot as every user wants that his or her systems appearance should be according to their comfort. Hence, customization is a very important feature in the themes offered by OS. Today, I will be reviewing a tool named as ‘Logon Screen editor’, which will help you to customize your logon screen.

We have already mentioned some of the tools which perform similar operations like ‘Vista Logon Screen Charger’ and ‘Saurabhorange Logon Screen Changer’, but this tool has its own advantages as you can rightly get an idea from the name of this tool, that it will edit the logon screen of your OS. It will also help you to edit the logon background wallpaper, by changing it with the wallpapers present on your system. It can do a lot with you logon screen which I will be explaining later on in this review.

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Now, when you will launch this tool you will see a similar application window as shown above. The background of the application window will be same as that of the logon screen, or in other words you can see the preview of your newly edited version of logon screen in the middle of the application window. there will be an option to add any image as the background of the logon window. you can add any image file with the help of that option.

There will be another option on the top named as ‘settings’, here you can change the language, change the mode of representation on the logon window (under advanced style, you can disable the shutdown option from the logon window, enter the policies related to your OS which will be shown on the logon window, and you can also change it appearance), you can also increase or decrease the image quality and you can write any notification for the logon window.

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Whenever you want to see the preview of your logon window, just click the preview option present on the toolbar above and then your computer will be locked wherein you will be able to see the actual logon window.

The size of this tool is around 2 Mb and it is portable, so you change the logon screen of any system at any time, just this device with you in USB. This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Logon Screen Editor


  1. TuneUp says

    Great tips, I’m always looking to update my computer’s style, and that blue logon screen can get boring. Do you know if you can update the picture with any size image? And does downloading this have any effect on computer performance? I’ve already found one tool to download to change my logon screen background that does not slow down performance and comes with its own sleek logon screen styles. If you want to take a look, I recommend the Zebra Herd background:

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