Change Default Windows 7 Folder Icon Symbol

The first problem that comes in our mind while changing the operating system is that the data should be organized in the similar way as it used to be and everything should be located easily as the folders consisting various files are not only grouped or organized as per their paths and names but also by the color of their icon and its design.

So, we have a colorful solution to this problem named as Folderico. This freeware has been specially designed for Windows 7 and is used to group different folders as per their priority by giving them a common color or a common theme.


As you can see from the above snapshot that the application window consist of the selection of the folder and then selecting its icon. The type of icon present are divided on the basis of their color and their them.

The default themes available in this freeware are GANT3 Blue, Sevenlibrary by Carlosjj and Windows 7, in each theme you have different icons with different colors so you can group them according to different criteria. For example:- you can assign a same color for all the sub folders present under a common folder or you can use a similar theme for all the folders present under a same drive.


You can download more icon themes from their website. The format of the theme files downloaded will be .icl or .sft from which the icons will be extracted and then used by this freeware.

You can also change the icon of a folder by going into its context menu because once this tool is installed it will add an option named as “Folderico” in its context menu and hence you can also change the icon this way but in the context menu you can change the icon only to a fixed theme which can be altered by selecting a theme under the option tab in the application window.


This freeware is available in 6 different language which includes English, Russian, Turkish and three more. As already mentioned that this version has been specially designed for the Windows 32-bit edition and it has been checked on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition but it has other versions available on its website for Windows XP and Windows 7 64-bit. Initially it was difficult to change the icons of folders and specially for the library folder, but this tool can do this in a click.

Download Folderico

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