Change Default Save File Format and Path In Office 2010 Word

Since its been some time we had installed office 2010 beta on our test system, from today onwards we will start sharing tips on office 2010 products like word, excel, powerpoint and more. People are still using the older version of Microsoft office so there could be a case when you take a document in the newer office format and it will not open in older office versions.

So, to avoid such issues better change the default save file format in office 2010, here is how it can be done read on further to know how.

1. Open Office 2010 word on your computer

2. Now click the tab on the extreme top left in office 2010 word, and select options under File Menu as shown in the image below


3. Once you click options it will open new window where you can change the default save path and format of file gets saved automatically.


As shown in the above image, you can easily set the default save format from the old word formats and can also change the default path where all the documents gets saved which are created in word 2010.

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