Change Default Browser On Android Nexus One – Applies To All Android Phones

Nexus one is one such great phone, I have started loving it after Froyo 2.2 software update – it has become faster and quicker to respond to actions and touch. I have already written several tips for android phones. Today we will tell you the solution to a common problem of changing the default browser on your android phone.

Just in case if you have installed some third party browsers like opera mini, dolphin browser etc and you might have set them as default browser now you may want to revert back to the default browser which comes with android or vice versa, follow the procedure below.

First you need to identify the default browser and then press the menu soft key and then go to Settings >> Applications


Tap manage applications and locate the browser which is set by default like for example – Dolphin Browser


Tap Dolphin browser and then scroll down to locate and click button clear defaults to remove it as default browser as shown


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