Change Cycle Wallpapers On Desktop Freshly Downloaded From Internet With Pulse

Everyone likes to enhance the look of their computer screens with beautiful wall papers but constantly changing and finding the wallpapers of your choice and downloading them is quite a hassle and time consuming too especially when there are millions of awesome wallpapers present in the cyber world. We hardly get time to spare for such things now, wouldn’t it be amazing if your computer automatically downloads the wallpapers of your choice from the net for example if you are a huge fan of a filmstar ,it downloads bollywood wallpapers, if you are a nature lover, it downloads beautiful sceneries and if you are a car fanatic it downloads pictures of stylish cars. Well you could actually make this happen using the new freeware known as Pulse.

Pulse is an amazing freeware that uses a keyword given by you to download wall papers and currently the website it downloads wallpapers from is At this site,you can find numerous wallpapers with different resolutions to suit your requirements. Using the app is quite a simple task. All you need to do is specify the keyword of your choice for example. if you like animals you can enter the keyword of the animal you love the most like, puppies.


Also you don’t need to worry about the resolution as pulse is intelligent enough to download the wallpapers suiting the resolution of your computer. You even have options to skip wallpapers with lower screen resolutions or to get the pictures with maximum screen resolution by default. To make things all the more convenient,you can tell pulse to automatically delete the older pictures along with the time limit so it doesn’t take a toll on the memory of your computer. So we are sure that finding the best wallpapers for your device and changing them will not be a difficult task and you will love the computer everytime you open it and it will be a nice surprise to see a new wallpaper everytime you do that.

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