Change Colors Of Forward & Back Buttons In Windows Explorer

Since Vista has been launched windows explorer has changed a bit it has to the blue colored navigation forward and back buttons on windows explorer shown on the left top of the windows explorer window.

By default in Windows 7 or vista Windows Explorer have blue colored navigation buttons, but you can change the color of these navigation buttons on windows explorer by using a free utlity called Vista/7 Navigation Button Colorizer.


Note: If you use avira antivirus, then it may report this utility as a trojan or virus because it tweaks system files but better ignore that it is not a virus. 

How To Use

Once you run this portable tool with its executable, you can move the horizontal slider and then select the color for the navigation buttons in windows explorer and then click the button apply colour – once you click apply colour, windows explorer will restart so that the changes can take place and color of navigation button could change. But if the color of these navigation buttons does not change then you may need to restart your computer also.

Download Vista/7 Navigation Button Colorizer 

[ Via Door2Windows ]

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