Change Battery Icon In Windows 7 Taskbar In System Tray

Personalization includes every features of your computer or laptop being presented the way you want them to. Once of the most common feature in laptop which is generally displayed in your taskbar tray is the battery icon, now very few tools are there which personalize this icon on the taskbar tray. The reason behind this is that this icon generally remains inactive if your laptop is plugged and you can only see it if you detach your power cord or if it runs on battery.


Today I will be sharing a tool with you which can be called as Fat Battery. It is a simple tool developed to personalize the looks of battery icon. You can change the default icon of your power back to any other icon available in the tool. Just launch the tool and then you can see the icon of the battery to be changed you will also see a big icon on the right hand side bottom of the screen.


You can go to the context menu of the tool icon on the taskbar tray to change the image of the battery icon, the screenshot of the application window has been mentioned at the top of the post. You can make this tool to start with your computer and you can also set the alarm to indicate you whenever the battery backup goes beyond a certain level, then it will poke you with that alarm. You can also change the sound of the pinging and the levels at which it will switch ON that alarm.


If you want to put any of your desirable images then you can drop the collection of pics in the application window itself. Just make sure that you can have different pic for different level of battery as it will keep on changing as the level goes down. The size of this tool is around 3 MB and it is portable so you take it anywhere. We have checked this tool on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. Please let us know if you face any problem while working with this tool.

Download Fat Battery

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