Change Background Color Of Windows 8 Start Screen

As we all know that the developer’s version of Windows 8 is already out. You can also download this developers version and create your own applications for the Operating System. You can also use many of the free application available online. The most striking feature till now about the Windows 8 apart from its performance has been its UI. Windows 8 operating system comes with metro UI theme. The themes organizes all the applications in the form of tiles. The metro UI theme that comes with Windows 8 consists of tile however you are not allowed to change the colors of the tiles. But today I have got an application named Metro UI Color Changer from door2windows which will help you to change the color of the various components in the metro UI theme like Start Screen and the Logon Screen, Start Screen Tiles, Start Screen Tiles Fonts, Charm Sidebar, Charm Sidebar Item Hover, Network Charm Item Hover and Charm Sidebar Item Selected.

When you will launch this application it will show you the default color scheme of your metro UI of Windows 8. You can change the color scheme of your metro UI using this application and if your are not happy with it you can always go back to the previous scheme using the Restore All button. The tool will also give you the option to make a color of your own choice using the advanced color options from the custom color pallet. The application requires admin privileges to run. So make sure you have the administrative privileges on your account or else you will not be able to run the tool.

Newgen 2

This is the metro UI screen of Windows 8. In metro UI the applications are arranged in the form of tiles. So that you can access all of them at one place. Now in case you want to change the colors of these tiles you will need to use this application to do that according to the way you want to.

Metro UI Colors Changer 1

This is the first screen which will open up when you will open the software for the first time after downloading it. The application doesn’t require any installation as it will run directly from the exe file which you will get on extracting the ZIP file. The software has the colors section in which you will be able to to see the list of all things for which you can change the color. In order to change the color you can simply click on the color and a color pallet will open which will give you the option to select the color you want and then you can change it.

Metro UI Colors Changer 2

The color pallet will also have an option to define custom colors which can be defined using the Add Custom Colors button in the pallet. If you are not happy with your color changes you can restore the default color changes using Restore All button.

Download  Metro UI Color Changer.

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