Getting Email Alerts From Subscribed Youtube Channels When They Upload a Video is Difficult Now

Youtube interface and design has changed a lot in terms of the look and feel and it looks like now much more confusing due to the integration of lot many options and features, the video page layout has been changed. Similarly there are some changes done to the functionality as well and now when you subscribe to a youtube video channel, you cannot opt to subscribe for the email updates unless you follow a specific step by step procedure. 


What Does It Mean When You Subscribe to Youtube Channel for Updates?

If you now click subscribe button to stay updated of the new videos, activity of the channel on youtube it does not firstly means that you will get email alerts and secondly you will need to visit youtube every day to know about any new videos uploads and other updates form the same channel.


How to Opt For Email Updates From a Youtube Video Channel

Now if you actually want to stay updated about any new video upload from the channel in real time, you need to opt for email updates for the subscribed channel, for this you will need to login in with your youtube account and follow the procedure below.

Go to my subscriptions once signed in


go to Manage subscriptions


Now select the channel from which you want email updates


This is how you can enable email updates for new videos uploads from your favorite channels.

Hide Annoying Annotations On Youtube Video [Firefox, Google Chrome]

Have you ever been annoyed with annotations you see on the video while watching a youtube video, as these annotations or as some people call them the bubble message which appears above the video blocks the vision and prevent one to see the youtube video clearly.

stop annoying youtube annotations

A youtube video with lots of annotations can really cause a great issue by obstructing the vision and youtube video content. There are several ways you can hide the annotations on the youtube videos and stop them from appearing on the videos.

Install Extensions Which Automatically Hides Annotations

For Firefox users, they can install the extension named called Youtube Hide Annotations which can turn off the annotations automatically on every youtube video when you watch the youtube video.

youtube hide annotations firefox

For Google Chrome users, they can install the extensions Magic Actions for Youtube which allows you to hide the annotations on the youtube video.

hide youtube video annotations google chrome

In case you don’t want to install any extensions, then you can configure your youtube account as well so that no youtube video shows annotations.

Configure Youtube Account To Hide Annotations

For this you will need to sign in to youtube using your google or gmail account and then you will need to go to settings.

settings youtube

Under settings, locate the option which says Playback and under playback uncheck the checkbox which says Show annotations on videos.

hide annotations on youtube

Once this feature is unchecked, you will need to click Save button to save changes. Once the changes are saved, all the annotations on any youtube video wont appear.


We hope the above methods help you get rid of annotations and messages on the youtube video, if you have a related tip to share or some how the above procedure does not work for you let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this page trough the comment section, let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

Stop Autoplay On Youtube But Allow Buffering In Background

Yes, I have seen some users asking me this question who would like to watch multiple youtube videos one by one by opening them under several tabs. But the main issue which arises in this situation is that these videos starts playing automatically as soon as you open the video page under different tabs which cause the sounds to come from these videos and it becomes an audio mess.

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In order to solve this situation we thought about a solution which could allow to stop the autoplay of the youtube videos but enables buffering of these videos specially for people with slow internet connections.

Stop Autoplay But Buffer The Video

For Google Chrome there is an amazing extension called Stop Autoplay for youtube – YouTube autoplay is annoying when you open a lot of pages at a time, but many extensions that turn it off also stop the pre-buffering of the video, which is crucial for slow networks.

Buffering without youtube video autoplay

There are no configuration options for this extension and it does not add any new icon to the google chrome toolbar, so you don’t need to worry about the google chrome toolbar space and decreased size of address bar due to more additions on google chrome icons.

For firefox users, I would recommend them to install YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD user script which allows you to buffer the video without autoplaying, removes in-video ads, and puts it in hd if the option is on. You can install GreaseMonkey and use this script in firefox.


We hope this way you can have more control over the videos you are watching on youtube, in case if you have a related problem let us know through comment section below.

[Tip] Trick To Play Youtube Video Paused or Stuck On Loading

If you have ever faced a problem when you try to play a youtube video but its either stuck while loading or you see a black blank youtube video player without anything playing on it, most of the time it could be due to slow internet connection or some breakage in internet connectivity for some minutes.

Fix Youtube Video Stuck While Buffering

Decrease The Video Quality Playback

In case a video is stuck in between due to internet connectivity issues, then you can apply the simple trick to play the video by decreasing the quality of playback so that video can play on your slow internet connection. In such cases video does not buffer or play, so to resume the play action just pause the video, and then change the quality by choosing a resolution from the gear icon


Once you decrease the quality of the video, you may see some pixels and distortion but you can still the video moving yourself quite away from the screen. This way you can play the video in case its lagging or getting stuck due to slow speed.

Clear Browser Cache To Fix Youtube Buffering and Playback Problems

If you see the video has stopped buffering and there is no problem with the internet connection then make sure that video is not in the paused state. If the video is already in the play mode then it could be due to the old browser cache, in such case clearing the browser data like cache and history could help you fix this issue and after browser restart the video should play fine.

Clear Browser Cache

If after clearing your browser’s cache, the video still will not play completely, you might want to check the stability of your internet connection. An unstable internet connection could be a reason for which the video will not load / buffer completely. You’ll need a broadband connection with at least 500+Kbps for the best viewing experience.


Most of the youtube playback problem occurs due slow speed internet connection, in such cases you can opt for the solutions listed above, we hope the above methods helps you to fix the stuck playback while watching a youtube video. If you have a related problem or  query we suggest you to use the comment section below to let us know about it, and we will try our best to solve it for you.

Stop Youtube To Auto Post On Twitter When You Add Video To Playlist

It happened to me today, when I got a large number of replies from my twitter account from my followers who were saying that I am spamming the twitter timeline as they see a large number of updates saying I added a video to @youtube playlist with link to the video with title of the video a shown in the image below. Today we will tell you how to stop youtube to auto post on twitter when you add video to playlist.

stop youtube to auto post on twitter when you add video to playlist

This happened with me because my youtube channel account was connected to twitter, and one thing I forgot to check out when I connected youtube with twitter and it was the option which is enabled by default when you connect your twitter to youtube account for activity sharing and it is Share your activity when you add a video to playlist as shown in the image below.

twitter auto post video add in youtube playlist

When I connected the two my intention was to update my twitter account when ever I upload a new video on my youtube video channel. I was just categorizing all my videos into playlist I created for my youtube channel visitors, and suddenly this started happening. So if you don’t want to happen with your twitter account connected to youtube you should uncheck the option which says Add Video to playlist under connected account as you can see in the image below. 

Note: You can find the sharing and connected accounts on youtube, under Settings >> Video Manager >> Sharing once you are logged in to youtube. You can read about more youtube tips and tricks here