Convert XP To Mac OS With Leopard X Transformation Pack

This transformation pack allows you to customise the look and feel of windows XP to look like Mac OS. This mac customisation will change the following things in windows xp including Leopard-X styler, Leopard-X Mac search skin, Leopard-X Dock skin, Wallpapers

Leopard-X b

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Previously we had written about mac os transformation of vista and all windows 7 transformation packs, and with Leopard X you can change windows xp to look like mac OS X

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Get Vista Like Rename File In XP Which Selects File Name Only Not The Extension

Renaming file in vista is very easy,as when ever you rename a file in vista it automatically select the file name when you press the rename key [ F2 ] on your keyboard, But this feature is not available in xp so, generally people mess up with the file extension while renaming a file in a hurry and end up making the file unrecognised due to missing file extension.


If you want to implement this feature of vista and windows xp too, you can use a AutoHotKey based utility called Better Rename.exe, the source script behind this little application is based on the fact that you need to press shift+left arrow key four times when you rename a file with some extension so that you just end up selecting the file name only not the file extension just like vista. Sometime back we had written about another tool called TheEnd which also provides vista like rename in xp

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3d Windows Effect – Add Free 3D Flip Window Effect For XP

We have previously written about how to get vista flip 3d effect in xp as shock aero was the only freeware which can add flip 3d effect in xp, but there is another free software which integrate flip 3d effect in xp developed by a devaint named vasanrulez. He has developed this cool free, easy to integrate app which provides flip 3d in xp too, some other related tips we had written in past are Add Flip 3D In Firefox and how to speed up flip 3d in vista


Installation of this tool is very simple just, extract the program executable from the rar archive and double click it to install it, it will ask in which you want to install this tool. Just select any of the drive and it will get installed in second or two.

Now every time you press Windows Key + Tab it will show you flip 3d effect in windows

Download 3D Windows Effect For XP [ Link Fixed ]

Download Windows XP Logon UI Changer | Change Windows XP Login Screen Background | Change XP Welcome Screen Wallpaper

Windows XP Logon Wallpaper changer is a free simple program which lets you change the windows xp welcome screen, it will replace the current welcome screen with new cool looking login screens, you can select in the list of large number of login screens for xp in which some of them look like Firefox, Leopard Apple Mac, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 Sky etc.


See Also: Download 7 Logon Changer

Moreover you can get a preview of the login screen before you replace it with welcome screen, you can randomly change the logon screens each time you start your computer, edit any logon screen in this software to customise it with your own logon screen wallpaper and version.


Trouble Fixed: Welcome Screen Disabled

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TheEnd – Rename File Name In Windows XP Without Selecting The File Extension Like Vista

Till now, I had integrated almost all the cool features of windows vista in windows xp including vista start menu in xp or vista like search in xp and you can also get vista like drives in xp or get the windows seven taskbar in xp


Similarly with this simple free utility called TheEnd you can get the feature of renaming the file names without selecting the extension of the file in windows xp just like it happens in vista.

Additional Tip: Get Transparent Vista Explorer With Aero Glass Effect In XP

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