Add Windows Explorer Animations In Windows 7 and 8 With AniExplorer

Today we will be telling you about certain cool animation tricks which you can do with your Windows 7 computer. Actually the tool which we are about to mentioned will not install anything new UI theme on your computer or it will not add anything on your computer rather it will unlock certain animation restriction on your computer which will make the animation look more cooler, but then again as precaution it will decrease the performance of your system. The screenshot of this tool known as ‘Ani-Explorer’ has been mentioned below.


Before you go ahead and download this tool, let me tell you that while testing this every time you click Apply button, it will restart the Windows Explorer (or I should say explorer.exe process) and thus all the opened Windows on your computer will get closed and you will have to open them again. This tool is portable and it is pretty simple to use. Let us go step by step, the first option named as vertical rectangle will reveal the look of the folder in or the files in the windows explorer window in rectangular manner from top to bottom.

Second option is the Horizontal Rectangle which will make all the icons in Windows Explorer to get collected at left of the window and after sometime they will be dragged back to their positions. Position mixes both the previous animations as per the type of view selected for that particular folder and the last option named as ‘Alpha’ will dim the appearance of the folders and the files (it will seem as if they have been disabled or they are hidden).


Till now I have come across only this tool which will unlock the animation restricted in Windows rather adding anything to the computer. You can take help of the video mentioned above, it will definitely help you.

If you still want to play with the UI of Windows 7 with the latest looks of Windows then you can refer this post, which will help you to download a theme installation pack to make your Windows 7 look pretty similar to Windows 8, but if you are already using Windows 8 then let me tell you that this tool can be used on Windows 8 also and if you want to lock more animation restrictions from Windows 8 then I you can download and install Windows 8 ‘bluepoison’, it was developed in order to unlock few feature related to Windows Explorer and Windows task Manager but there are few more reasons to use it.


AniExplorer is a portable tool with a size of 50 Kbs, it has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit and it is expected to run on Windows 8 also as specified by the particulars of the tool. The download pack will come with 2 EXEs for both the versions of OS i.e. 32-bit and 64-bit. Please let us know is you face any problem while using it.

Download AniExplorer

Doomi is One Of The Best Free Small Lightweight To-Do List For Mac OS, Linus and Windows [Adobe Air Required]

With the advancements in technology, the number of new products, utilities and apps on the web are increasing day by day. If we compare it with earlier times, then we can observe that there are lots of relatively new products and services currently available on the web which can be used by the user and even some of them without any cost. Although, some of them are of very small use but surely a few of these appear to be very worthwhile. Similarly, some of them appear to be quite outstanding, worth more attention and looking into. Adding to this list of more outstanding new services entering the productivity apps market, recently one of the new utility is there which we are going to discuss today.

Doomi is basically a small, easy to use, helpful and a freely available app which acts as “to do list” application offering simple features for its users. It comes with a simple user interface for its users allowing some basic features with ease and simplicity. As already mentioned, Doomi is a simple to do list application offering only basic options of adding and checking tasks as done which may prove helpful for different users in different situations. Although, along with these basic options there are few slightly more advanced features too, however you won’t find there any of the typical features like projects, tags and contexts, thus making it simple and easy to use app.


This application can be downloaded and installed from the link given below. After installing you may observe that this small yet smart app runs with Adobe Air which will install the application and Air together, thus making it easy to use. As already mentioned, due to its simplicity it is a great to-do list as it does exactly what it is designed for and nothing else. While using it, you just simply need to type in what you have to do for the day and a list is generated which can be then referenced.


As already mentioned, once you type in the task, you need to click the clock icon in order to select the hours in the future it is due or you can even create a custom time to be more precise which will tell you the exact timings of the task to be done. Just like any other reminder app, when it is time to be reminded about a task a friendly message box pops up and the user may do that task. After completing your task, you just need to click on the box given next to it on the left side and you may observe that automatically it will be moved to the old tasks list.

Overall, we can say that it is a simple yet a useful utility for its users. So, if you are interested than download it from the link given below and use it for planning your tasks in a better way.

Download Doomi for Windows

Write, Delete Entries In Windows 7 Or Later

While using your system you might have notice that each time you install any application, windows writes some entries into the registry and keys are created there. Windows Registry is a section in your operating system which has a complete control of your PC and you may change and adjust some of the system settings there to use your Windows or any other application installed in it in the best possible way. While making changes from the default Registry Editor which comes along with the windows, you might have received an error message stating “Cannot create key” while creating a new registry key.


This error message clearly means that you do not have the necessary permissions to generate a new key. For this you may try one of the latest developed utility i.e. RegOwnit utility. RegOwnit is a small, portable, easy to use utility, which allows you to take full control of a registry key.


You may try and use the utility by simply downloading and installing it from the below given link. After installation, as you launch the utility you may see a new window shown in the snapshot here. From that window, just select the registry location that you want to edit, user account, and type of permission that you want to be applied to a particular registry key. If you know the complete path of that particular registry key, then you may simply enter that registry key path directly into the Registry Address box given below in that window in order to apply the control quickly.


As already mentioned, you just have to simply mention the location of that particular registry key along with the name of that key and you will be given complete control of it. Then after choosing the user account mention whether you want to apply Full or Read Only Permissions to that Registry Key. It will show a successful message as shown in the snapshot. We would like to mention one more thing that before using this utility or before changing any of the permissions related to any registry key, simply create a registry backup. This utility supports both the versions i.e. x86 and x64 of Windows 7.

So, you may simply download this utility from the below given link and after installing it you may create key in the windows registry and it will be created lot easier as compared to your earlier efforts for creating the same.

Download RegOwnit

Stop Windows 7 Computer To Re Boot or Restart

While using the computer system, almost every user faces one issue which often irritates the user and that issue is the system asks the user to reboot again. This normally happens when either the user has installed a new software or when there is some updates for the windows. Everyone wants to do something in order to avoid this situation. But, normally they doesn’t find any solution for the same. Here, we will try to provide you with a solution for this kind of problem.

Often, when a new software is installed or there is an update for the Windows, that program needs to change some core system files or files that are in use at that point of time, but as the system is currently running, so it has to do it the next time you reboot. However, on the other hand some programs will tell you to restart even when you don’t have to. In those cases, you can sometimes get around them by logging out or by restarting explorer.exe. If not, you can always make rebooting a little less painful. Here are a few ways to deal with those two situation.


As discussed earlier, sometimes, the computer doesn’t actually need to reboot, even if a program tells you it does. One of the method to check this out that whether a program actually requires a reboot or not, is to check the conditions in which the system actually requires it. One of the other options available is to use a small, portable app such as WhyReeboot that will let you know if Windows is set to run any operations on the next restart. If you find a message in that app saying, “No items were found”, it’s likely that you don’t need to reboot at all. Note, however, that if you installed something like a new driver, WhyReboot might not be able to detect that, so you should be safe and reboot.

But on the other hand, even if you don’t install new programs, you’ll inevitably encounter reboot requests when your system downloads software updates. It especially occurs for Windows machines, when once a month on Patch Tuesday (the second Tuesday of the month) it provides you with some new updates for the system, though Microsoft often issues “out-of-band” updates for major vulnerabilities. For other OS such as Macs  there is no such regimented schedule, but still receive regular updates for bug and security fixes. Linux is more flexible, but for the other platforms platforms, they will have updates available almost any time you check.

However, in order to avoid these Windows Update restarting your computer without prompting you, you can disable the auto-reboot feature and restart on your own terms. If you keep your computer on at night, you can also schedule those updates to install when you’re sleeping by going to Windows Update and hitting “Change Settings” in the left-hand sidebar. Beside this, you don’t need to do a full reboot every time. Logging off can also solve this issue. In some other cases, like if you’ve tweaked the registry, all you need to do is restart explorer.exe. The best way to do this is to open the Start menu, hold Ctrl and Shift down, and right click on any empty space in the Start menu. You’ll see an “Exit Explorer” option that will safely quit Windows Explorer. After that, you can just hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete, go to the Task Manager, hit File > New Task, and type in explorer to start it back up. This will restart Explorer without quitting any of your running programs.

These were only the few ways, by which you can avoid restarting the system again and again. Unfortunately, these tricks don’t always apply in every situation. When in doubt, do a full reboot to ensure everything works correctly, unless you’ve researched the specific program or tweak and know one of the above will suffice.

Download WhyReboot

Add Power User Options In Windows Right Click Menu Using WindowsMenuPlus

Now you can customize your windows by adding extra and useful menu’s in every window’s menu using an application named WindowsMenuPlus. This software allows you to access the menu when you will right click on the Taskbar button or Window’s title bar. The menu gives you many options for modifying the look and feel of the windows. The menu also has option to kill a particular process, to search an application and provides useful information regarding any program.

WindowMenuPlus 1

This is the window that will open when you will right click on the WindowsMenuPlus icon in the system tray after downloading and installing it. The main menu of the application has options like Turn On, Show/Hide, Language, Start on System Boot, About and Exit. The Turn On option is checked by default which can be turned off as per your requirement whether you want to use the menu’s provided by this application or not.

WindowMenuPlus 2

The Show/Hide option of this menu gives you the various options that the menu of this software contains when you will right click on the Taskbar button or Window’s title bar. The various options that the menu contains are Keep on Top, Move to, Maximize to, Transparency, Kill Process,Process Priority, free Unused Memory, Find This Program, Program Information and Iconize to Tray. All these options are by default checked and hence by default included in the menu that you will get you will right click on the Taskbar button or Window’s title bar. If you don’t want any option in the menu then just uncheck that option and it will disappear from the menu that you will get when you will right click on the Taskbar button or Window’s title bar.

WindowMenuPlus 3

These are the various languages that are supported by this tool you can choose any language that you want using the Language option. English Language is chosen by default.

WindowMenuPlus 4

The Start on System Boot option will allow you to start the software automatically as the system starts. This menu option has two options Start on System Boot and Not working?(Check it on Task Scheduler). The first option i.e. Start on System Boot will start the software automatically as the system starts. The second option i.e. Not working?(Check it on Task Scheduler) will help you to troubleshoot the software in case if it doesn’t start with the starting of windows.

WindowMenuPlus 5

About option will give you information about the software like Version Information. It also has options to navigate you to the Software Page online. You can also give feedback regarding the same using Tell Developers option.

Download WindowsMenuPlus.