Run Multiple Modern UI Apps in Windows 8 In Different Layouts

Microsoft has just released Windows 8 for public and those who want to buy or upgrade can go for it. Windows 8 comes with lots of new features one of those feature is ability to download apps from Windows Store, as Windows 8 is made for tablets too so Microsoft has integrated Windows Store with it which allows you to access and download apps from it.

If you use to work on multiple apps or open more than one web page at the same time and want to stay updated on both without closing one and access other then here is a cool Windows 8 app for you. Toolbox For Windows 8 is a freeware app for Windows 8 available on Windows Store which allows you to use upto 6 apps at the same time without closing or minimizing any of them.

Windows 8 Apps Column Layout, Design

After installing this app from Windows Store, open it and you will see that there are some pre-defined layouts and saved tools which you can use any time.


How To Open Another App or Change Layout

If you want to open your own app then you can any time open it either by swapping your fingers from top to bottom or bottom to top if you are on touch screen device or if you are using mouse then just right click and then you will see layout which you can use. This app contains 9 apps but only 6 of them can be used at a time. It has Web browser, Calculator, Converter, Facebook, Voice Notes, Notifier, Clock, Weather and Doodle app for you. This tool can be very handy if you are viewing a website and at the same time wanna stay updated with your Facebook account.


You can open multiple tabs in its browser window, just click on Arrow button to change tabs. Voice notes apps is very easy to use app, you just need to speak out and it will record your message.


At present the number of apps are limited but we hope these apps will increase in future like Twitter might get its place and you might be able to add your favorite app too.


The app is freely available on Windows Store, easy to use and allows you to stay updated with upto six webpage. You can do multiple of work on it without closing down or minimizing another app. If you work frequently on these apps then you must give it a try.

Run Two or More Apps in Windows 8 Side By Side in Full Screen

As most of us windows 8 introduce a new UI which is called Modern UI which consist of tiles and apps which always run in full screen mode, but most of the users are used to work on multiple windows but when it comes to windows 8 apps each single app by default run in full screen.


Now when you want to run multiple apps in windows 8, by default you can run two of them by using the snap feature in windows 8, read on further to know how.

Run Multiple Apps Simultaneously in Windows 8

In this case, first run the first app in full screen and then you will need to open the app switcher by pressing windows + tab key and drag and drop second app you want to run from the thumbnail shown for all the apps.


Keep the left mouse click pressed, you will see the app in vertical mode and the existing running app will automatically make space for the new app.

windows 8 snap feature

You will see a vertical separator shown as three dots which you can move with mouse or finger in windows 8 pc with touch screen support, as you move the separator you will see the apps running adjusting themselves as the space is increased or decreased.

windows 8 snap feature


This is how you can run two windows 8 apps same in full screen, we hope this helped you to get to know how this feature worked. If you have a related tip to share or something else about any other thing or in case the above procedure does not work for you then please let us know through our comments section at the end of the page, also let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

3 Quick Ways to Open Desktop while Running Windows 8 App in Full Screen

Windows 8 start screen UI or the modern UI is a new feature which looks cool but some times makes things more confusing than before as most of the old windows users are used to using the windows desktop which looks like has become more difficult to access in windows 8 now.

Today in this blog post we will tell you two easy and quick ways you can access windows 8 desktop. Now consider a scenario when you are using a windows 8 app which is running in full screen, you may feel little helpless to reach the desktop when you right click with mouse or close the windows 8 app, you reach the windows 8 start screen not the desktop and the universal shortcut that is Windows key + d does not work in windows 8 in the modern UI or when you are running app in full screen.

Now there can be 3 ways you can reach desktop quickly, read on further to find out.

Press Windows Key and Then Click The Desktop Tile

The first most easy way to reach the desktop is to press the windows key so that the metro app minimize and you see the windows 8 start screen where you can click the desktop tile.


Press ALT + Tab Key To Go Trough To Select the Desktop

Another way to go to desktop from windows 8 modern UI is to press the windows + tab and then keep the ALT key pressed but press and release the tab key you should be able to see desktop in the list as well.

Windows Task Swicther

Press Windows Key + Tab Key To Open Windows 8 Switcher

You can also reach the desktop from anywhere from any app in windows 8, you just need to press Windows + Tab key once and keep the Windows key pressed but press and release the tab key you should be able to see desktop in the list of task shown as thumbnails, click to select the same.



This is how you can reach window 8 desktop from anywhere while using windows 8 irrespective of what apps you are using. if you have a related tip to share or some how the above procedure does not work for you let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this page through the comment section, let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

2 Ways To Use Search In Windows 8 App Store

Yes, this may sound like a surprise to you but for old windows users who have recently upgraded to windows 8, they may find the interface quite different and difficult to understand specially when they are dealing windows 8 modern UI interface or the windows 8 start screen interface.


The other day I was going through the apps section or windows 8 apps store using the store app, I thought of searching for an app but even after right clicking or going through app store UI, I was not able to find the right option which could allow me to search, as a user I was really frustrated by the useless UI of store which was of no help even when I was trying to locate a basic needed search option which should have been easily accessible, then after some searching I found out how use search in windows 8 apps store.

Start Typing in Windows 8 App Store

Accidently I found out that to search for a app in windows store, you just need to start typing the search keyword and windows store will start searching for the app, this technique was really simple, but Microsoft did not realize to make it simple by at least giving a tool tip or some thing in help.


Press Windows + q and Then Select Store

Another way to search is by using the global search key shortcut in windows 8, in this case you can just press windows + q key to open up global search which is applicable to all the apps in windows 8 including windows store.



This is how you can access search feature in windows 8 app store, If you have a related tip to share or something else about any other thing or in case the above procedure does not work for you then please let us know through our comments section at the end of the page, also let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

Upgrade To Windows 8 For Just Rs. 699 INR or $13 approx. on Old Windows 7, Vista or XP PC Purchased Before 2nd July 2012

Windows 8 is out for public for both buy and download and more important you can buy it from internet and straight away install it on your old or new windows pc running windows 7, vista or XP. We have already written guides on how you can upgrade to windows 8 on your old PC, what you need to know when you upgrade your old computer in windows 8 PC. We had also told you before on how to install media center for free on windows 8, today we will tell you how you can upgrade to windows 8 for just Rs. 699 INR in india or 13$ approx. cost.

As per right now if you haven’t purchased windows pc before 2nd July 2012 to 13th January 2013 you will have to pay around Rs. 1999 INR, but in this post we will tell how you can upgrade for just Rs. 699 INR which is quite minimal cost and you can do this on any Pc irrespective if it running genuine or non genuine version of earlier windows operating system.

For this you need to go to and then select your country or region and then on country specific page, you need to click continue button.

Windows 8 Upgrade offer at low price

Now you will need to enter the address and other details like from which dealer you purchased your Pc and when, now make sure that you enter any date after 2nd July 2012 so that you are eligible for the upgrade and the fill in any dealer name which should look a like retailer name.

Windows 8 Upgrade Offer at Rs. 699

Once you do this, you will need receive an email id on the email id you mentioned which will have the coupon promo code which decrease your windows 8 cost to Rs. 699 INR later on.

Windows 8 Upgrade Steps

Now download the windows 8 upgrade assistant and once downloaded, run it to make sure that your existing programs run in windows 8 after the upgrade, when you reach the section which tells you about the price of windows 8 upgrade, you have the option to enter the promo code which will lower down the price from Rs. 1999 INR to Rs. 699 INR.

Buy Windows 8 Pro DVD Online

This entire process will require you to download the 2Gb digital file of windows 8 to be downloaded via internet, you should do it on a stable internet connection, however if the connection breaks you can resume the download as well and make sure that you have the disk space around 3 GB for the download to complete and save.

Please note when you plan to install windows 8 or upgrade from existing os, the OS drive should have around 20 Gb of free space to install and run windows 8.


This trick is right now working for all the users who are using it for earlier version of windows, but when you do this please make sure that you do it on a windows computer not a mac.

[ Via Windows Total ]