How to Quick View Combined Size of Multiple Folder, Files in Windows 7 | 8

Finding out the file size in windows is quite easy as in case you want to see the file size, you just need to hover the mouse over a file and a small windows pop up window will instantly show you the size of the file.


But when it comes to view file size of multiple files or folder or both this technique does not work, we have already talked about how to quick calculate file size in windows and another tip on how see the folder size in windows explorer.

Now when you need to view combined file size of multiple files and folder, most of the users select all these files and then right click and select properties.

View File Size of Folders and Files

But this way if there are multiple big or small large number of files inside the folder, it will take some time delay before it shows you the file size.

Quick Way To Check File Size of Multiple Folders and Files

Yes, there is a quicker way in window which works in fast way to show the combined file size of multiple files and folders and for this you need to press Alt + Enter key on the keyboard in windows.


This way when you press these keys, you will see the combined folders and files size much more quickly rather than by selecting all files, folders and then select properties.


This is quite simple tip to view files and folders combined size quickly, If you have a related problem or  query we suggest you to use the comment section below to let us know about it, and we will try our best to solve it for you.

Change Windows 7 Aero Glass Color

Wallpapers have been one of the medium for entertainment and fun for the computer users. Users for their fun keeps on changing the wallpaper of their system. But, as each time they have to do this manually, thus it becomes a boring task for them after some time. So, in order to provide a facility to the user where one can select various wallpapers which keeps on changing automatically after a regular interval of time becomes an easy task for the user. Here we present a new tool for the user of Windows 7, which allows them to automatically change their system’s wallpaper with different Windows 7 Aero Glass color effect according to the kind of desktop wallpaper that the user has already selected.

Aero Color Show is a simple, easy to use and effective tool which changes the Windows 7 Aero Glass effects and it allows the users to choose and select their favourite wallpapers from the list in order to apply one of the matching Aero Glass effect. This doesn’t mean that it limits the user to the currently applied desktop wallpaper Aero shades. It continuously changes the effects as it cycles through the available multi-coloured aero glass shades. It enables the Glass look which appears as if the user can look through it and the user feels as if the Start Menu, taskbar, and all onscreen windows and dialog boxes have a new glass-like translucent polish on them.

There are various Aero glass effects that are available for Windows 7 which provides a different look altogether along with a more professional look for the user. In order to use this small tool, you just have to download it and then install the program. After installing, when you launch the tool, it will ask you to choose and pick your wallpapers that you want to cycle through. Then for the different colour effects, just click on the “Other Settings” tab available on the same window. One of the checkbox that appear in it is “Change Aero Color” box and check this box for further effects. For eg., you may select wallpapers having red, blue, yellow and other shades, and then finally set them in the order in which you want them to appear. Then define the time interval after which you want the effect to be changed. Once you are completed with all these steps, you may observe that it will start changing Aero Glass shade effects.

Till now, AeroWallpaperChanger is a free download for Windows only. Later, it may come up for the other operating systems as well. Although, it a small tool and that also just for fun, but you may try it if you want some better interface and look for your system.

Download Aero Color Show

More Than One Desktop Screen In Windows 7 is Possible With Virtual Desktops

Windows 7 has definitely brought the new advancements and expansions in the field of computers. Its distinct features make it a real and a nice OS for all kind of users irrespective of the domain and kind of work that the users do. But, still some of the features are missing and which can add more value to the OS for its users. Windows would benefit from features like a native virtual desktop implementation, but as already mentioned that is something Microsoft has yet to provide. Although, we may see that there are plenty of third-party apps that can add this to just about any Windows operating system, but more often than not they aren’t that great and hence doesn’t bring that experience for the users. Some of them are open source and hence available as freeware, but still the one which we are going to discuss today is simply distinct and different from all these.

WindowsPager is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a pretty helpful tool which definitely has some distinct features you’ll want to try out. You may observe that the main interaction you’ll have with WindowsPager, and it will be in the form of small previews displayed in the Taskbar. The best feature of this utility is that you can directly interact with these previews including dragging-and-dropping windows from one virtual desktop to another all from within the previews which is really a simple task even for casual users. Along with this, it also provides you a feature by which you can even have a window span multiple virtual desktops.


Of course all these mentioned previews windows only represent just one way that you can work with your virtual desktops. Along with this, there are some other ways also through which you can interact with your virtual desktops. Among these ways, we have a way through which you may simply switch to another desktop by simply clicking on the desktop in the Taskbar preview. Else, you may also use the keyboard shortcut ‘Control-Win-NumpadNumber’. You may then go to the left/right desktop with ‘Control-Win-(Left/Right)-Arrow key’.

Similarly, you may also move a window from one desktop to another by clicking on a mini-window for a short time until the cursor changed to a hand and then release it. After this, you may drag the mini-window from one preview-desktop to another. Along with these options, there are many other ways which you may use through this utility.

So, if you are at all interested then you may download the utility from the link given below and then you may explore its features.

WindowsPager Homepage

iPad Style Layout For Windows 7 Desktop Icons With WinLaunch

Mac OS users have experienced this scenario where it becomes a tiresome job to find the applications and system utilities from its default Application folder. Although, it can be directly accessed from the system Dock, but still among the large number of applications installed, it becomes quite a difficult task to find the one you are looking for. In order to overcome such issues and problems, Mac OS X Lion introduced a new utility, named as Launchpad and it has been specially developed to overcome the above mentioned scenario related with Application folder. It helps the user by quickly finding the installed applications. It not only finds those apps, rather it organizes them and also allows the user to launch such applications through this utility.

Due to its popularity and ease of using it, a similar utility or we can say a clone for Mac OS X Launchpad has been developed for Windows 7 users as well. Although, we all know that Windows 7 Taskbar, makes it very easy for its users to keep frequently used applications at fingertips, but still you all may need a Mac OS X Launchpad alternative to conveniently organize your large number of installed apps in your system.

WinLaunch is basically a small, easy to use, helpful and a freely available utility which as already mentioned clones Mac OS X 10.7 Launchpad, and allow its users to quickly manage all the installed applications as well as launch most frequently used applications with just a simple single click. It also allows you to add as many applications, files, shortcuts, folders etc. as you want and it will manage all of them irrespective of this long list of apps.


This utility can be easily downloaded and installed in your system from the link given below. After launching it, you may observe that however, it doesn’t scan the system for already installed applications, but it do that for all the newly installed apps. Now, in order to begin with the utility, you just need to run the WinLaunch.exe executable file downloaded from the link below. As already mentioned that it doesn’t automatically add apps to the page, so for that you need to use ‘F’ key and start dragging applications over its window so that further processing can be done by the utility itself.


In order to change any configuration, you may use the Settings option which can be accessed from the bottom-left corner. It allows you to change the default hotkey combination for launching the application, and along with that it also allows you to add more pages to Launchpad. On the other hand, if you want to remove some apps than you may observe that removing apps from the page is pretty easy. All you need to do is to just select and hold an application which you want to remove until the application icons on the page start to jiggle, and then simple click on the Close (X) button above an app to remove it from the page.

Overall we can say that it is a nice little utility and if interested than you may download it from the link given below in order to explore more of its features.

Download WinLaunch

Force Change, Set Custom Screen Resolution On Extended TV Monitor Connected To Laptop

Recently I faced a problem of low resolution on my LG LED TV which when I connected to my macbook as extended monitor via mini DVI to VGA adaptor which converts the mini dvi port on my macbook into vga or RGB port which can be then connected to TV via VGA Cable as shown in the image below.

laptop connected to tv

Now if such a situation happens to occur with you and there is simple option in windows 7 under screen resolution, for this follow the steps below.

Right click on the empty area on desktop, and select the screen resolution as shown in the image below.

screen resolution

Under monitor resolution options, click advanced monitor options as shown in the image below.

advanced monitor options

Under advanced options, you will see the list of all display modes your monitor support, check to see if any of this display modes satisfy your needs as shown in the image below.

list display modes of monitor

Now after a lot of searching on web and with the above solution I was not able to solve the issue and then I came to know about a software called Power Strip – It simultaneously supports multiple graphics cards from different vendors. It can extend the usefulness of older cards and legacy installations by supporting cards as old as the ATI Mach 64 so I thought this might fix my problem and it did.

Note: PowerStrip is listed for all Windows versions from 95 to Vista, but Windows 7 worked just fine, It even recognized the edition. With the help of powerstrip you can explorer more options of the connected monitor you have, and can even force some not supported resolutions which you want to setup on your monitor.


Here how you can use power strip to change the resolution on your monitor, tv or projector which is showing screen resolution which you don’t want to see.

Force Custom Screen Resolution Connected To TV

1. Open powerstrip and go to its preferences from system tray menu icon as shown in the image below.


2. Now click the quick setup button as shown in the image below.

quick extended monitor setup

3. Under setup options for your monitor, click change button to change the screen resolution you will see the options as shown in the image below.

change resolution of monitor tv connected

4. Now it will give you the option to create a custom screen resolution

force resolution on monitor

5. As you can see in the image below, the options are highlighted from where you can test a custom screen resolution.

custom resolution on tv monitor

After testing some of custom resolution, one of them looked fine and easy on eyes which I saved and applied through Powerstrip. The software is free and really useful, can help you fix the monitor and systems with different non compatible cards, the only catch is it shows tips compulsory for 5 seconds in the free version at the time of launch.