Copy Paste From Tynt Script Enabled Websites Without Read More Link Added

Tynt is a free to use web service which many webmasters are using these days on their sites in order to stop copy paste of content to some other sites, but there are times when some one just want to copy text like references and quotes which are supposed to be presented in original form only or some users just want to copy paste some specific tip from our site, to store it locally in file or for future references.

So, there are times when there are daily website readers who would like to copy paste some text without the attribution link, In such case you can follow any one of the following methods to remove attribution link to the page from where you are copying the text.

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Switch Current Tab To Private Mode In Google Chrome

There are times when you forgot to start google chrome in private mode and you may open some website in a normal tab which you don’t want to be tracked, although you can always start private mode tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N in which the web browser does not record information about the website you are visiting.

Incognito Switcher is a another useful google chrome extension which simply adds an icon in address bar which allows you to make convert current tab in private browsing mode.


Once you click the icon in the google chrome toolbar it will switch the current tab in incognito mode, and clicking it again will revert the tab to normal browsing mode in which your tracks will be recorded.

Note: Please note that if you switch a tab to private mode with this extension, it does not mean that the previous data recorded will be gone, it will be still there in the google chrome history, you would manually need to delete it.

You can also configure keyboard shortcut to switch to incognito mode through this extension options. This extension requires google chrome 5 or higher as shown in the message I got when I tried to install in on my google chrome 4.x version.


Install Incognito Switcher [ Google Chrome Extension] | Source –

Increase or Add More Thumbnails In Google Chrome Start Page or Welcome Page

Many users who are using google chrome on some high resolution monitors would like to see more number of thumbnails so that they can have more website shortcuts at google chrome start page. I have just read many threads in google chrome help and support but there is no direct resolution to this problem.

In order to solve this problem, you can try a google chrome addon Speed Dial which can add more speed thumbnails in google chrome, it can replace Chrome new tab with your predefined visual bookmarks.


Following are some new features added to this addon recently.

  • Use site logos as speed dials!
  • Customized dials thumbnail image
  • Edit dials title and url
  • Add new dials directly from the speed dial page
  • Dials thumbnails are updateable (see the options page)
  • Customzie the distance between the dials
  • Speed Dial grid can be set up to 9×9 matrix
  • Bookmarks bar now displays also folders

Speed Dial [ Google Chrome Extension ] | More Useful Google Chrome Addons

Access Mini Version Of Google Maps In Google Chrome

Mini Google Maps is a google chrome extension which allows you to easily access google maps in handy way through mini google map interface in popup down menu which allows you to search locations in google maps.


You can use it just like through a small size window display which is easy to manage and search locations, you can even change the size of map displayed on drop down popup menu in google chrome, you can switch in between three standard sizes. 

This extension makes google maps so easily accessible as compared to the heavy and once you are done with mini google maps, close the popup and go on with your regular browsing.

As per the initial reviews of this extension, most of the users have wow and awesome for this extension as a feedback. The developer of this extension has also promised to add Traffic, Weather and maybe some videos from YouTube and info layers from Wikipedia into the extension in next extension upgrades.

Mini Google Maps [ More Google Chrome Extensions ]

Official Google Reader Notification Addon For Google Chrome

Google has recently released a new google chrome addon to display notifications of unread items in google reader. We had previously posted about a google reader notifier extension for google reader, but this one released today is official notifier extension from google.

It displays the Google Reader unread count, Clicking the icon shows a preview of your reading list in a popup (or it can open Reader in a new tab, see the options page for configuration).


Moreover you can quickly get a sneak peek over the unread items, by clicking the extension icon in the google chrome toolbar, as shown in the image below and it also allows you to navigate through unread items.


It can also show the pop up notification for new unread items in google reader, you can configure the same through extension options.


In all this extension seems to work and do as it says, but this might create some worries some times if you have so many unread items in google reader to read, just like it happens with me.

Install Google Reader Notifier [ Official Addon ]