Silent, Mute Ubuntu Startup Sound While Booting

There are times when you may not want ubuntu to make a loud sound just in case your computer is common room and you don’t want to disturb others or you may not want to hear the booting sound in ubuntu while booting it. When it comes to login screen sound, we already write a tutorial to mute ubuntu login sound but in order to make ubuntu silent while booting follow the procedure given below.

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Convert Ubuntu 9.04 UI To Look Like Windows 7 With Vistar7

We have previously written about how to convert any distribution of linux to windows 7 look, today we will tell you about another free windows 7 transformation pack called Vistar7 which is specifically designed for ubuntu linux. This simple to use transformation pack will make ubuntu look like windows 7. Here are some screenshots for the same.


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Transform Ubuntu User Interface To Windows 7 Look and Feel

Windows 7 has been launched for public today by microsoft, as claimed is the most stable and faster operating system released by microsoft till date, windows 7 has a clean user interface which looks sleek and beautiful. Today we are going to discuss about transformation pack for ubuntu which lets you convert the look nd feel of ubuntu to look like windows 7. It includes some nice wallpapers, windows 7 sound, cursor themes, GDM theme, windows 7 Icons, dockbar, panel background etc.

Here are some screenshots taken after applying windows 7 transformation pack on ubuntu


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UNetbootin – Install Any Version Linux To Your USB Drive or Hard Drive Partition

UNetbootin is one such free application which allows you to install various linux / BSD distributions to your hard drive partition or USB drive connected to your computer.


You can even create a disk image (ISO) simply on your computer and later burn it on the disc. This small tool is created by ubuntu which will help you install a wide variety of linux distributions on your portable USB drive.

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Download Yahoo Messenger For Ubuntu Linux With Webcam, Voice Chat, Photo Sharing Support

Yahoo messenger is one such IM tool which is most widely used, but for those use ubuntu linux, redhat linux or any other version of linux always miss yahoo messenger.


There are two versions of yahoo messenger available for linux build, the official version of yahoo messenger can be downloaded from here, but it lacks in major yahoo messenger features like webcam, voice chat and photo sharing etc, so it can be used to for text chatting.

One more way to install yahoo messenger is given below

1. Install libssl0.9.6 through Synaptic or type the following on the terminal

sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.6

2. Download this file from
3. In the terminal, write the following command

sudo dpkg -i /path/ymessenger_1.0.4_1_i386.deb

replacing path with the path to where you downloaded the file.

4. Run /usr/bin/ymessenger and follow instructions to setup Yahoo! Messenger.

Another version of yahoo messenger is implemented using Gyachi which is a yahoo client for linux which supports almost all the features of yahoo messenger including all mentioned above including photo sharing, voice chat, file sharing, group chat etc and lots more.

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