Send Exe and Unsupported File Types in Gmail using Google Drive

Yes, as you might know already executable files are blocked as attachment in gmail, however there are many other ways to send the executable files in gmail emails as attachment and popular one includes renaming the exe file as .rar or .7z and then send them but the receiver needs to rename the file after downloading them to make the file work.

But today we are going to share a simple tip which tells you about how you can send a exe file using google drive as in this case you can upload a file to google drive when you compose a new email and once you do this you will need to share the file with the recipient email id in google drive, read on further to know more how its done.

Upload and Share Exe or Any File Type on Google Drive

Gmail now allows users to upload and share files via google drive, so in order to use this firstly you should have enabled or activated the new compose feature in gmail and once you compose a new email with new compose box, you will see the google drive icon which lets you upload a file while composing a new email.


Once you select the google drive option, you can upload a file which can be of any extension including it can be exe as well.


Once you upload a file, you will see in the email compose box but that does not mean that the receiver will be able to download the file from google drive as a file uploaded on google drive is private to you by default.


Now the receiver wont be able to download the file from google drive, unless you share the same with the person by opening google drive in other window but still they can request the access the file from the link to the file they are sent in this email.


But if you don’t want  this to happen at the first place, you will need to open google drive and edit the sharing permissions for the file on


You will need to select the file in google drive and then click sharing – then specify can edit, can comment or can view if you want the other person to download the file, you should select can edit.

Additional Tip: Similarly you can share any big file in gmail as attachment by using google drive – the max upload limit is 10 gb but the free limit per user is 5gb however if you upload a bigger file size you can pay for the additional storage you use for the file in google drive.


This is a pretty simple tip which could be helpful to send unsupported file types in gmail by using google drive for those files. If you have a related tip to share or something else about any other thing or in case the above procedure does not work for you then please let us know through our comments section at the end of the page, also let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

[How To] Block Invitations Received by You to Join Google+ Communities

Google has recently rolled out the new feature on google+ as per which you can now create communities which are like facebook groups on google+, you can have discussions on various topics under these communities, you can specify a community you create as public or private, a public community would be the one in which anyone can join but he needs to have a google+ account or in other case if it private, the owner can either invite people to join or other google+ users will be send the request to join which the owner of the group can approve as if now, later on owner can also add other users as administrator for a community.

Stop Invitations From Google+ Communities

Once the new Google+ Community feature is rolled on your google+ profile page, you will see the icon in the left pane and click it to see the all the communities you are added to or have got the invitation from.


This section will also show the google+ communities you have created, you now see the list of community invitations


Now to block further invitations for google plus community page, you should click the settings gear icon.


On the settings page, you should scroll down to locate Communities section and then uncheck the option which says invite me to google+ community.



Google Plus Community feature has been just rolled out, I strongly think that this will enhance the overall experience and bring some nice discussions to happen in google+ in way the user wants them to be and be in their control, we have written this tip so that if you are getting annoyed by amount of invitations from all new google+ communities, you can get

[How To] Get Notifications When Extensions, Google Chrome Gets Updated

Its been two years since, I have been using google chrome, previously I was used to be a firefox fan because of its large number of extensions, but google chrome has evolved a lot and has come long way since it was launched in 2009.


Google chrome has got great extensions which add awesome functionality and gives great amount of power to google chrome, I love the way google chrome handles the large number of tabs and extensions, but if does not for you then you can read our guide on how to make google chrome faster like new.

Now one of our readers who is also love google chrome and its extensions asked us about how he can get notified when a google chrome extension he has previously installed has been updated.  

Its not all the users who are interested in updating their google chrome extensions but for some users they would like to use the latest version of extensions so that they can enjoy the fixes in extensions issue and enjoy the features which gets added in an extension by the developer.

Display Notifications in Chrome When Extensions or Google Chrome Version is Updated

Chrome Update Notifier is a great extension which displays notifications when extensions in google chrome gets updated, It will notify you when one of your extensions automatically updates to a newer version.

Chrome Extensions Update Notification

Chrome browser version changes are also monitored, so you will see the notifications when google chrome is updated.

Extensions Update Notification

Additional Tip

You can also force update the google chrome extensions, by navigating to Settings >> Extensions and then check the option which says Developer Mode.

developer mode google chrome

Once the developer mode option is checked, you will see the button which you can now click to do force update for all the extensions you have installed in google chrome.

force update google chrome extensions


This is how you update the google chrome extensions and stay updated when any google chrome extensions which you have on your google chrome browser update itself. If you have a related tip to share or something else about any other thing or in case the above procedure does not work for you then please let us know through our comments section at the end of the page, also let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

[Tip] Quick Way to Activate Google Chrome Extensions

Google chrome extensions really make life simple as they do a lot more to make google chrome by adding different functionalities. As most of us know that these extensions provide really great functionality and add more power to google chrome, so we get used to using them with time.

2-16-2011 4-03-43 PM

Most of the extensions add a toolbar icon which decreases the size of the address bar as the number of icons keep on increasing on, but there is a simple way to hide these extensions by hiding their icons on the google chrome toolbar on the same time keeping them active as well.

Now every time you need to launch or activate an extension you need to click the icon which should be present of the chrome toolbar as there is no other way to activate the same, now to activate the extension you need to click on the toolbar icon of the extension which actually is ok but it does involve an effort to click the toolbar icon with mouse cursor.

Activate Google Chrome Extensions With Keyboard Shortcuts

A quick way to activate these extensions – Google chrome has another way to launch or activate extensions that’s through keyboard shortcuts.

To make these extensions work just when you press a specific keyboard shortcuts, and you will see these extensions come in effect as you press the dedicated keyboard shortcut. In order to configure this, you will need to go to manage extensions under google chrome settings

Google chrome settings 

Under Settings in the left pane, select extensions and scroll down to the bottom of the page where extensions are shown – you will see a new link which says Configure Commands

Configure Commands For Google Chrome Extensions 

Once you click the configure commands link, you will see all the working extensions with the text box, where you can click and specify the keyboard shortcut for the same, by pressing all the keys together required to set the shortcut.

shortcut to google chrome extensions


This is how you can quickly launch or activate the google chrome extensions, if you have a related tip to share or some how the above procedure does not work for you let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this page trough the comment section, let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

Get Updated About Youtube Channel New Videos In RSS Feed Reader

Recently one of my friend asked me if it is possible that he can subscribe to a youtube channel new videos via RSS feed, as normally none of the youtube channel provide a direct link to RSS as it does not make sense because they already provide a email subscription, but as my friend is great fan of google reader so he like to read feeds then reading updates in email.

subscribe to youtube channel feed

There are several ways you can create a RSS Feed of a youtube channel and then subscribe the same in some google reader or any other feed reader application or web service.

Create a RSS Feed For Any Youtube Channel

Every youtube channel has a unique youtube username, so if you just change the username in the URL below with the <youtube channel username> you will get the RSS feed for the youtube channel which you can subscribe in any RSS feed reader or web service like google reader.<youtube channel username>/uploads?orderby=updated

or<youtube channel username>/videos.rss

Add The Channel URL Directly in Google Reader or Similar Program

In this method you just need to copy the URL of your youtube channel and paste it in google reader

youtube new videos in google reader

As per the third method, when you open the youtube channel to which you want to subscribe to, you can just click the RSS Feed symbol in google chrome shown on the right side in the address bar.

click to subscribe

Once click the subscribe button, you will see the subscribe options in the new tab as shown in the image below.

youtube channel rss feed