Windows 8 Metro UI Serves as Windows Explorer

Techno freaks keep on trying the new tools for their systems. And the ones which makes your work easier are liked by all. Here, I want to ask you: Are you bored of your Windows Explorer? Do you think why is it not changed when every application have some updates from time to time? So, I think you should try a better alternative with an amazing UI. The files you need should be available in a more presentable format. You can go through the availabilities below to enjoy these features and many more.

Immersive Explorer in a small freeware of 505 KB only. It is a portable tool and an alternative to windows explorer. It is based of the metro features guidelines. The snapshot below displays the user interface of the utility.


New Features as compared to Windows Explorer:

The file explorer have the ribbon option at the bottom with a wide variety of options. It displays all the files and folders in an informative blocks format rather than useless icons. For example the folder containing the pictures will display small pictures in place of icon. Apart from that you don’t have to open the pictures in a new window just to view them. Here pictures are displayed in Immersive Explorer itself. Similar options will be available for videos and other types of files.

The snapshot below shows an example of the utility: You can select any file and make the required changes from the options available in the ribbon below. There are also the forward, backward, paly and pause buttons. The pictures displayed in the immersive explorer presents the complete information along with it.


Configurations Required:

  • Window 7 or Windows 8.
  • The processor should be Core 2 Duo or better. Though it may be available for other versions as well in future.
  • The minimum ram size should be 1 GB.
  • .Net framework must be installed to run the utility.

Disadvantages of Immersive Explorer:

  • There is only one display format available and you cant change it.
  • The writing or editing features are not available.
  • There were many bugs and you might have to update it frequently. But the version available now is better.
  • Few options like branch view, file finder etc are not available.

Other Similar Tools:

  1. XYplorer: It is an another portable option to replace the windows explorer. It is a customizable UI with a wonderful file search option. The dual optional pane makes it more handy to use. The options like duplicate file finder, branch view, filters, batch rename makes it more useful. There are various other useful options presented by the utility.
  2. Xplorer2: This is also a customizable file explorer. It will always display the dual pane. The options life file management, search options and others are available but in the limited format.
  3. FreeCommander: The utility needs installation. But you can copy the installation file on CD or pen drive to use it in other systems. The dual pane presentation is better than other tools. Some unique features are file spitting, folder comparison and synchronisation and modify file attributes.


All these freewares are wonderful in their own way. Now while selecting you just have to take care of your requirements. If you want a latest presentation model with most of the details in the single and simple format, then Immerse Explorer is the tool designed for you. But if the file management is main aim as compared to explorer then you should go for XYplorer. Though Xplorer2 is also a good option and FreeCommander have some specific good features. Be careful while choosing. And don’t end with a very highly customizable tool as it will create more confusion with use.

Retrieve The Text You Copied Days Ago On Windows

You might have thought that handle the copied data is a bit tedious task. Either you have to use it just after copying or you have to manage it through a separate document. Now, if you are available with a software which will not only store the data for future use but will also provides the options of editing, managing etc. your job will be really very simple and easy. So, you will get to know about various tools and their benefits for saving data through clipboards.

M8 Free Clipboard is a freeware of 4.79 MB. The freeware is designed to save upto 25 clips. As shown in the snapshot below, the data you cut or copy will be available on the left hand side column. Whenever you take the mouse over any of the clip, data will be displayed in a dialog box alongwith it. The picture will be displayed for a graphic clip. The text will be displayed for the copied text. The link to for document for copied document and link for URLs copied.


The tool provides many other options. Like if you save 26th clip, the first clip will be automatically deleted. So,  there is the option to save the clip if it is further required.

Edit The Clip

You can edit the text, images or any other clip you have copied. There is photo editor available with the freeware as shown in the snapshot below. Right click on the clip to be edited and select Edit. The clip will appear in the editor and you can easily make the required changes.


Similarly there is the text editor option also as shown in the snapshot below. There are a lot of options available in both the editors.


Copy The Clip

To paste the clip take the cursor where you have to copy the clip. Open M8 and click on the clip and it will be copied. You can also use drag and drop option. Here left mouse button will move the clip i.e. cut and paste whereas right mouse button will copy the copy as simply done.

While using you will find that the tool provides a large number of options to make it available as per your convenience. The right click menu will show the options for the clip. And, also there are for user interface. Some of them are View which selects where the interface is to be placed on screen, displays methods and many more. Few general options are displayed in the snapshot below, and there are many others.


Other Similar Tools:

  1. Clipboard Magic: It can copy text, graphics and other data. The freeware is designed to assign a different label to every clip. You can color code or highlight them. The number of clips that you can save are unlimited. You can use mouse as well as hotkeys for cut, copy and paste. Clip editing, sorting and manual management is allowed.
  2. Clipmate Clipboard Extender: Again it can copy text, images, files and folders also. You can save any number of clips. The unique features are it can be used as a tool to take the snapshots also. And it can be password protected.
  3. Clipboard Master: This freeware is also similar to above tools. It is designed to for all types of clips like text, graphics and others.


Though all the freewares are almost similar. The only difference is the way they work. M8 Clipboard have a limitation of the number of clips. Otherwise the features are very good. The unique features are mentioned above to select a particular tool. Now you can easily manage the copied data in your own way.

Change Hard Disk, Folders Or USB Drive Icons Shown In Windows Explorer

We always prefer the settings in the customized format as much as possible. Specially the display settings which help to differentiate easily between various items. And when it comes to changing the drive and folders’ icons I used to think that there are minimal and boring options available. If someone have partitioned their laptop memory into many drives it becomes difficult to differentiate. Different icons make the task easier. So, I would like to introduce the tool named as Folder iChanger which is very user friendly.

Folder iChanger is a small freeware of 5.41 MB. It has been designed to change the icons of hard drives, folders and even the Flash Drives. The snapshot below displays the user interface of the freeware.


The functioning of the tool is very simple. The top left option is to select the icon. You can select icon from the Program Icons. There are large number of interesting options available as shown in the snapshot below. You can also choose from the icon file or executable file from your system. Another option is to choose from the system icon list as it may be required for official purposes.

The icon thus chosen will be displayed in the left window and in various sizes as it will be displayed. Then you can easily Add, Remove, Select and Unselect the drives and folders whose icons are to changed. Different folders can be assigned same icon in one go. Finally click on Change icon for selected items to complete the process.


It is very easy to use as all the options are available in the ribbon format. The wide variety if icon availability makes the freeware more useful. The folder icon after the change has been displayed in the snapshot below.


Similarly you can change the icon for the drives as shown below:


There is a small difference in changing the icon of the drive that you have to restart your system which is not the requirement in changing the icon of folders. The snapshot below displays the drive icon after it has been changed.



Other Programs To Replace Icons For Drives, Folder and External Hard Disks

Though I found the Folder iChanger to be the best option but if you want to try there are some other similar software, check out the other software’s available to change the icons below.

  • Microangelo: The software is available in three different types i.e. Toolset, On Display and Creation. All the three versions have different applications and you can use them to change the icons as per your requirement.  Creation version have some advanced options where you can create your own icons.
  • FolderIco: The freeware allows you to simply change the color of your yellow folders so that you can easily prioritize them. Also, you don’t have to waste time in selecting the different icons.
  • Magic Folder Icon: The application will help you to assign different icons to different folders. It is very simple and easy to use.
  • DriveIcons: The freeware can be used to change the icons of your Hard drive, Flash Drive or even DVDs.
  • Drive Icon Changer: It is a similar tool to DriveIcons but some users have faced difficulty in using it.

Folder iChanger has been tested on Windows 7 And it is compatible with Windows 8, XP, Vista 2008 and 2003 also. The software needs Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 to operate. But if you don’t have one you need not to worry as it is available in both the formats.

Download Folder iChanger

Read, Copy Data From Faulty, Corrupted Flash USB Pen Drive in Ubuntu or Linux Distribution

We run answers by troublefixers which is portal as a part of our Technixmedia website network, we have received many questions on on our portal which relates to different problems but most of them are related to Flash, USB drive or as some people say Pen drives. Some times some users complained that they cannot read data or files on their USB flash drive on a windows computer, because they feel that some how the have corrupted flash USB Pen drive.

Copy Data From Faulty, Corrupted Flash USB

We have posted about many solutions to USB drive problems like, for example you can read our guide on how to copy data or files from virus infected USB flash drive. Another way to protect your computer from virus in Flash Drive which are plugged to your computer USB ports, can be found here and here

Another way to read data or copy files or folder from a corrupted or faulty flash drive you should try connecting them to mac os x or ubuntu linux system which might be helpful in reading the contents of the USB flash drive. In case if you don’t have linux, you can either install in windows using wubi by reading our tutorial or else install and run it from the USB flash drive, read more here about this.

Windows 7 Fast Shutdown, Turn Off With Speed Up Shutdown

There are times when you are in hurry and you want to turn off your computer for a faster windows 7 fast shutdown, there are many ways with which you can made it possible with the programs like Superfast Shutdown, and another way it to decrease the windows default wait to kill time out for running programs when windows 7 is shutting down.

In this instant world, where everything is instant right from coffee, messages, etc., no one has time to wait. Everyone wants every operation to be performed in almost no time. Same applies to the field of computers. In fact, in this domain everyone wants even faster response. But, sometimes you may have observe that even some of the basic functions in your computer takes lot of time which creates frustration and doesn’t appear soothing at all.

windows 7 fast shutdown

It can be a bit annoying when you have to quickly leave and you don’t want to leave your PC running, but it doesn’t shut down immediately and takes lot of time. At that time, you don’t want to shut it down improperly by taking the plug out or in a similar way. So, in such situations one need to understand the ways by which it can be done easily and without affecting the system.

For this, there can be many solutions like, what you can do to decrease the shutdown time, is to disable the options to erase the system’s virtual memory and hibernation cache at shutdown, which although is not a good choice. The other way around for this issue could be a small utility which we are going to discuss today.

Speed Up Shutdown is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available portable application that allows the user to reduce the time of shut-down by reducing the time of various activities like time taken to kill applications, time to kill services and disable clear Pagefile at shutdown. So, overall we can say that user has an option to select one or all options to optimize the shutdown of their computer system.


You may download the utility from the link given below and it can be easily installed in just few simple steps. After installing, you may observe that the application has a very simple interface which makes it a user-friendly application. You can also see that in the upper pane, you have some of the options to toggle Reduce Timeout To Kill App, Reduce Timeout To Kill Service and Disable Clear Pagefile at Shutdown options which can be used according to the needs and requirements of the user. Once you select the option, then you simply need to click on Start Speed Up option in order to optimize the shutdown process.

Similarly, in the lower pane you may observe the options which are as follows : Disable boot screen, Disable startup services, Check System Partition For Error and Defrag System Partition options. Once you select and click Start on any of the first two options, you may observe that it takes you to a webpage, explaining in detail how to perform these actions, while the 3rd and 4rth options open the processes open the command prompt to check partition for errors, and defrag system partition which can be useful for the user.

Overall, it is a nice little utility which can for sure reduce the amount of time that normally a system takes while shutting down. Although, this reduced amount of time is too low, but still one may feel the difference. So, interested users may download it from the link given below.

Download Speed Up Shutdown

After applying all the above ways if you are still looking for the most fast way to shutdown your windows computer, then hold the power button on the CPU but this way it will be a force shutdown and it might damage your hard disk.