Add Outlook Reply All Reminder Feature For Discussion Group Emails,

Outlook is one of the most commonly used application in the offices and even for personal use. User may check mails, manage them, reply them and all activities that are related with mails are done through this application. You might have experienced some scenarios while using this application that often by mistake we click on Reply option instead of clicking on Reply All before replying to the mails or before sending the answers of queries to team members, business proposals to clients, price quotations to business stakeholders, etc. As we all know, that whenever we use or click on Reply option, Outlook sends mail to only first person in the recipients list and simply ignore all the others and subsequent recipient email addresses from original email. While on the other hand we also know that Reply All option always ensures that your reply will be received by all the recipients of the group email listed in that list or in CC. So, for such scenarios there is a small utility which has been specifically developed to help out the user in such scenarios.

CodeTwo Outlook Reply All Reminder is a small, easy to use and a helpful add-in for both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 that reminds you about using Reply All option before you start composing reply message for group emails or the emails containing multiple recipients in the list. It is a very simple and has been designed and developed only for a specific purpose and you may observe that CodeTwo Outlook Reply All Reminder doesn’t work with messages containing only one recipient, as its main motive is to just remind about the messages containing multiple recipients.


It can be easily downloaded from the link given below. Once you start using it in your computer, you will see that it works by, intuitively checking for all the incoming emails with more than one email addresses or multiple recipients. So, when you click Reply to compose a reply for a group email, it immediately notifies you about using the Reply All option, as mentioned earlier. You may observe that this particular add-in is different and comes without any configurations. The Alert dialog which appears on your screen has 3 options in total and those options are Reply, Reply All and Cancel.

Once you click on the Reply All option, it will automatically put all the group email recipients’ email addresses into To input field, thus assuming that you clicked on Reply by mistake. Although, earlier also there are some add-ins which has been developed for Outlook but unlike other add-ins, it doesn’t add a new tab or group into default tabs. To remove the add-in, you need to manually disable it and then you may perform un-installation from add-ins which is accessible from Outlook Options. Download CodeTwo So, just download it from the below given link and try it out.

Download CodeTwo Outlook Reply All Reminder

Learn MS Office Productivity Tips Through Screensaver

We generally learn all the office tools on our own, we start to use them through our basic knowledge and then after investigating the tools on our own and checking each and every feature on your own, we start getting expertise in it. But still you learning might be accelerated, once you get to know some of the tips from a website or a video, but then who has the time to take that effort, so Microsoft thought of one of the best solution to this. In this post we will discuss more about this new trick with the help of which you can learn many tips for your Office tools.

Screensaver for Office Tips

Microsoft has made a new screensaver with the help of which you can learn many tips for your office tools, the video of that tool has been mentioned above. Most of us do not know that for how One Note can be used or how to work smartly on Outlook, and with the help of this screen saver you can sure know some of the very good tricks related to it. Once you will see the video you will get to know about them.

This is a best effort by Microsoft for those who will never go to their official site to get those tips and tricks, now once you move your mouse to come break the screensaver, it will show you a message that you can learn more from the official site of Office. The only constraint for you might be that it will run only on Original edition of Windows or I should say that once you download this setup will run a thorough check on your system to check whether the OS on your system is Genuine or not. So, all the users will have no chance on this magnificent screensaver.

The size of this setup is around 70 Mb and it will run only on Genuine Windows 7 version, on pirated OS it start showing the Counterfeiting message box. Please let us know about your experience for this tool. The link to download this screensaver has been mentioned below.

Delete, Remove MS Office 2003, 2007 & 2010 Licence Serial Number Information

With the widely used applications like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many more, Microsoft Office is used by almost all. Also, the users prefer to use the applications which are handy and convenient. Otherwise they have to search for the help on internet. Similar is the case with the License Information of Microsoft Office. Whether it is Office XP, 2003, 2007 or 2010, we need the license information to make the desired changes. And to do this we have to follow other complex steps which the user might not prefer. So, today I would like to present a tool named as Office Key Remover.

Office Key Remover is a very small freeware of 607 KB only. As the name clearly shows, it is used to remove the license information of the Microsoft Office XP, 2003, 2007 or 2010. The tool can be downloaded and installed very fast. The snapshot below displays the user interface of the utility. Here, you have to simply select any of the four options based upon the MS Office you are using. Just one click on the required button will serve the purpose.


Make sure that you have to delete the license information of your MS Office before you click on any option. This is required because the utility does not ask for further confirmation. And once you have deleted the licence information, you have to enter the product key to use Office further, else you can’t use MS Office.

The users might need to delete the license information due to certain reasons. But there are few problems faced by most of the users and where the utility proves to be highly beneficial. Now to change the product key, the user must know the registry key. This gives rise to another problem of hacking the registry key. Though the tools are available to serve the purpose but sometimes the users are not interested in doing so. To solve all these problems in one step the easiest thing is to remove the license information of MS Office. It will solve all your problems very fast and that too free of cost. Now you can easily make the desired changes in your MS Office.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and will be compatible with other versions also. The administrative rights are needed to install the application. The freeware is available with the latest updates required to make the desired changes.

Download Office Key Remover

Search MS Office Functions & Features Hidden In Ribbon [For MS Office 2007 & 2010]

When the MS Office 2007 was released, there were distinct reactions of various users due to the presence of ribbon inspite of the menu bar options. Many users like it as, every option available was displayed clear. Shortcut can be used more easily. At the same time, users came up with the difficulty that they are not able to find certain options required. And now we have MS Office 2010 also with the ribbon feature. So, it will be beneficial if the user can search the option. So, today I would like to introduce Ribbon Search for the users of MS Office 2007 and MS Office 2010.

Ribbon Search is a free setup available of 1.20 MB only. The users have to simply download and install it. It will automatically appear at the top of the ribbon in the right corner. The snapshot below shows the option after installation.

Document1 - Microsoft Word_2011-02-15_08-16-31

Now, whenever you are not able to search any option you can easily find it. You have to enter the option in the ribbon search and press enter. All the option available related to the entry will be displayed to you in the drop down menu. The snapshot below gives an example for the search of option SORT. The two related results has been displayed. It displays the complete path and gives a brief description about the option.

Document1 - Microsoft Word_2011-02-15_08-18-22

Similarly, you can search any option easily. It will not only help you to search the path but sometimes you can use the brief description to understand the functionality of the option. The search will be displayed for you till you delete it. It will help you to follow the path easily. You don’t have to remember it. It will be beneficial if the user finds it difficult to recall the longer paths.

Also, there are few online options embedded with it. Click on the arrow present along with Ribbon Search. It will display certain options which will offer you the online availability of extra feature you might like to add-on. The Ribbon Search proves to be really a good option for the new learners as well as who thinks the ribbon feature to be a bit complex. So, have easy access to all the options available in MS Office.

It has been tested on Windows 7 and is compatible with all the other versions. Ribbon Search can be used for MS Office 2007 as well as for MS Office 2010.

Download Ribbon Search

Sync, Save Microsoft Office Word Docs On Google Docs

The google apps users frequently need to update the documents or make changes for various reasons. In that case, if you are able to synchronise the MS Office directly with the google docs and google apps, that will be absolutely amazing. It will make the job much easier, simpler and faster. So today, I would like to review the utility called as OffiSync.

OffiSync is a freeware of 11.9 MB. The utility allows you to synchronise the files in Microsoft Office with the Google Apps and Google Docs. Also, it provides the additional benefits within the MS Office by installing google options in it. MS Office 2007 and 2010 will have a new ribbon tab and MS Office 2003 will have a new tab named as OffiSync after the installation of the software. It has been clearly shown in the snapshot below.


The first three options shown in the ribbon: Open, Save, Save As can be used for the purpose of directly synchronising the word document, excel spreadsheet or powerpoint with your google docs. When you click on any of these options, you have to enter the email id and password. The file gets upload to the google docs. If you are not having any of the google sites, the application will ask you to make one to proceed.

Apart from these options you can the document sharing option is also available. The permissions and update option are also there. These all were the options for uploading and for making changes with the google docs and apps.

You c an also make the use of google search: web search and images search. Now, you don’t need to search, save and then insert. The MS Office can directly search and insert from Google. Suppose, you want to insert the image of Technixupdate. Enter the requirement in the Google search column and click on images search. It will show the results as shown.


It will show the image and its related details. You can copy as well as insert.

There are few settings available to further make the utility beneficial.

Document1 - Microsoft Word_2010-10-23_21-17-32

Accounts facilitate you to save the email id for your convenience. You can check the updates if any for OffiSync. There is also the option for feedback and bug report.

To have a better understanding of the tool, you can go through the video showing the OffiSync Demo.

The tool is designed to work with Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010. It requires Microsoft’s .net framework version and will install it by itself if the PC don’t have it. The tool is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download OffiSync