[How To] Make Windows Google Chrome Loaded Web Pages Fonts Smoother and Round Like Mac OS X

The other day, I was using google chrome on mac os x and after some time I was running google chrome on the same machine, yes I am one of those guys who run Mac OS X and Windows 7 both on my macbook in dual boot.

One thing which I suddenly noticed while using google chrome on Mac OS X and using the same on windows that on windows the text rendering of the webpages was not much smoother as it looked like on Mac OS X, below is an example on how text on the webpage render in google chrome on Mac OS X.

Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 12.53.55 AM

This is how the same webpage looks like on google chrome on windows version of google chrome.

Google chrome Font rendering On windows

Get Mac OS X Like Font Rendering in Google Chrome on Windows

There is free extension which makes google chrome on windows to render font of the webpages like Mac OS X if not exactly the same.

Mac OSX Font Rendering is a great google chrome extension – however this extension does a bit of shadow to the text of the webpages, but it look very great as per the comments from some users. This extension does this once a page is loaded.

Mac os x like font in windows

Once you have the extension loaded or installed in google chrome as the web page looks like as shown above, however its not exactly good as Mac OS X but good and much better than default font looks in windows in google chrome.

Bonus Tip

In case you want to see Mac OS X like smooth and think line font across different programs and windows applications, you can follow our guide on how to install Mac OS X like font in windows.


This is how you can get the same font rendering in Google Chrome windows version just like Mac OS X if not exactly the same. If you have a related tip to share or something else about any other thing or in case the above procedure does not work for you then please let us know through our comments section at the end of the page, also let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

[Tip] Stop Twitter to Suggest you whom to Follow [Email Notifications]

I am not that kind of user who would follow some one on twitter just because some automated algorithm suggest the same to me, for me following someone on twitter means that I follow the views of that person through his or her tweets.

Twitter Suggest Whom To Follow

Is Twitter Acting Like Facebook?

Well, I would leave this question up to you, recently twitter added this feature which automatically notifies you whom you should follow based on your tweets and people you follow. As twitter categorize each twitter users based on content in the tweet, so if you are a techie it may suggest you to follow some geeks. By default for all twitter users the whom to follow suggest feature notification is by default on so you will get an email saying we have found some people you may know.

How to Stop Twitter To Suggest You Whom to Follow Via Email

In order to turn off email notifications message in which twitter automatically emails you a small list of suggested people to follow, you will need to login to twitter.com and then go to your account settings.

twitter account settings

Under account settings options – click the left sidebar option which says Email Notifications

twitter email notifications

It will redirect you to the email notifications page, where you see updates from twitter – locate the option at the bottom which says Suggestion about people I may know on twitter and uncheck this option.

stop twitter follow email suggestions

This way you can stop twitter from emailing you list of people you should follow, in case you are wondering how you to hide the suggestions of twitter id to follow on twitter profile, which is called as Who to follow section as shown in the image below, you should search for a extension or userscript which can hide the who to follow section on twitter webpage, however now you can simply ignore or click on cross button over a suggestion to stop it from displaying.

who to follow on twitter


This is how you stop twitter from spamming you on email about whom you should follow, if you have a related tip to share or some how the above procedure does not work for you let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this page trough the comment section, let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

10 Hidden Google Chrome Features You May Find Useful

Google chrome is no doubt one of the fastest browser around as per the user and community around google chrome, it is one of the light browser which loads the web pages quite faster as well. Google chrome user base who have started using it as a primary browser has been increasing since the day it has been released in May 25, 2010 and recently google has surpassed Internet Explorer and grabbed the title of “World Most Popular Browser”.


Considering all this, there are some hidden experimental features in google chrome and out of which some of them will appear as ready features in future versions of google chrome, but one thing to note is that you can actually use these features in existing version of google chrome installed on your computer.


In order to access and enable these features you will need to type chrome:flags in the address bar.


Once you have opened the chrome flags page, you will see a list of tweaks, some of which might be already enabled and some of them can be enabled by you if you really want to test drive them before they are added in future upcoming versions of google chrome.

Please Note: Before you actually try out these features, These experimental features may change, break, or disappear at any time. We make absolutely no guarantees about what may happen if you turn one of these experiments on, and your browser may even spontaneously combust. Jokes aside, your browser may delete all your data, or your security and privacy could be compromised in unexpected ways. Any experiments you enable will be enabled for all users of this browser. Please proceed with caution.

Tab Overview [For Mac Only]

Swipe down with three fingers on your trackpad to see an overview of all your tabs. Click on a thumbnail to select it. Works great in fullscreen mode.

Printer Reset [For Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS]

Reset the last used printer on restart. With this enabled, the OS default printer will become the current printer for print preview on each browser start.

Action box [For Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS]

Enables the "Action Box" experimental toolbar UI.

New Apps Install Bubble [For Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS]

When installing an app, it will always show a bubble pointing at the new tab page button on the tabstrip instead of opening a new tab page.

Experimental location features [For Mac, Windows, Linux]

Enables experimental extensions to the geolocation feature to use operating system location APIs (where available). This feature would really make sense on the some of the new windows 8 touch screen tablets.

Add grouping to tab context menu [For Windows]

Adds items to the tab context menu for grouping tabs.

Enable auto-login [For Mac, Windows, Linux]

When enabled, visiting a Google account login page will trigger an infobar allowing easy sign in with the Google account connected to the profile. Auto-login is always disabled if the profile is not connected to an account, regardless of this flag.


Enable Chrome To Mobile [For Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS]

Enable the Chrome To Mobile page action, which allows you to send page URLs and offline copies to Chrome on your mobile device.

Stacked Tabs [For Windows]

Tabs never shrink, instead they stack on top of each other when there is not enough space.


Website Settings UI [For Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS]

Enables the Website Settings UI. The Website Settings UI replaces the page info bubble and provides an easy way to configure site-specific settings.


We hope you like some of the above hidden google chrome hacks, in case you have any other tip like these to share please let us know through the comments section below.

[Short Tip] Convert a Google Chrome Tab To Private Browsing Incognito Mode

There are times when you realize that you have opened a website in normal mode which you might have opened in incognito mode as you may not want to leave any trace of the website in browser history, now what if you can convert this tab in normal mode in google chrome in just with a single click.

Yes there are some great extensions which comes for free and can be easily installed from google chrome web store and they allow you to switch a tab and these extensions include Incognito This – It seamlessly switch open Chrome tabs to Incognito windows using the toolbar button.

Incognito This

Another extension called Ghost Incognito which does similar is but quite different as it takes care of certain websites and remembers them to open in incognito mode only so that you don’t have to remember. It also allow you to add more website to the default incognito list.


Another Extension called Incognito Tab Switch allows you to move a website opened in a google chrome tab allows you to extract the current tab to an incognito window, to quickly view the page without extensions disrupting the interface. Allow only this extension in incognito mode and you can re-insert the tab to its original position in your main normal window when you are finished.


Other Useful Incognito Google Chrome Extensions

Incognito Mode is another extension which adds a incognito icon in google chrome toolbar clicking on which will open the current focussed tab in incognito or private browsing mode.

Incognito Close is useful extension for those who love to browse in private browsing mode without leaving and history or accidentally opened windows, it auto close incognito windows inactive for over 30 minutes. Check ‘allow in incognito’ in extensions window or this won’t work.

Un incognito lets you browse all the websites in incognito mode by default except for a few selected websites that you can specify via a regular expression. Known limitation: when typing a new URL in a tab that will force the switch from incognito mode to regular mode (or vice versa), the current tab will be discarded.

Additional Related Info For Other Browsers

Incognito In Firefox

In order to browse in incognito mode in firefox, you can install the extension called Toggle Private Browsing which allows to toggle Firefox’s built-in private browsing mode with a toolbar or status bar button. You can also toggle Firefox to auto-start in private browsing mode.


Go to View->Toolbars, Select ‘Customize…” and look for the mask icon. Drag and drop this to the toolbar. Select the toolbar icon or the status bar icon in order to toggle in and out of private browsing mode.

Incognito In Internet Explorer

The simple way to open incognito mode in IE is done by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P and it will automatically open private browsing mode in IE.


Auto Repeat Youtube Video, Auto Replay Video In Any Browser

One of my friend asked this question on how can he auto repeat youtube video once it has been played to full, but why you would want to repeat a video which you have watched already once. The scenario here is little bit different as it some people listen to prayers, songs uploaded on youtube, so if it your favorite song you may want to listen it again and again while are busy doing other things at that time, so you can manually want to avoid clicking the youtube repeat video button to play the video again.

infinite loop

There are many solutions to this, some of them are web services which allows you to auto replay or auto repeat a youtube video and another way to do this is to install extensions which can help you auto repeat a video on any internet browser like firefox, google chrome or internet explorer.

One such web service is infinite youtube in which you simply need to copy the link to the youtube video, it works like this. 

http://www.infiniteyoutube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg [ just add infinite to the youtube video URL ]

Other services like Endless Video which we have reviewed earlier can do the same but has more options like number of loops and part loop,  some userscripts like this and this can also to the auto repeat in browsers like firefox, google chrome etc.  For google chrome, you can also try installing this extension called auto replay for youtube, install from this link and another extension called youturn does the same, install it from this link. If you have any related questions please leave a comment at the end of this post.