TU Explains – How Does New Gmail Compose and Reply Feature Works

Google gmail team recently posted about a new feature coming soon in gmail which is called the new gmail compose and reply feature which they recently talked about some sneak peak in a blog post.

new compose feature in gmail

As they said in the blog post that this feature will be rolled out to all gmail users across the globe irrespective from where or which country you use gmail, we got this feature enabled some minutes ago in our gmail account and now in this post we will tell you how to enable or disable the new gmail compose feature and how to use it effectively.

How To Enable New Gmail Compose Feature

For this you just need to click the compose button or click any email id to compose a message and once you do this, you will see a link at the top center of the page with a link which allows you to try the new gmail compose feature.

Try new gmail compose

In case you don’t see this feature, either click on some email id in gmail to compose a new email, if you still don’t get the feature message to try, then you should wait and after some time it will automatically be rolled out to your account.

Once the new gmail compose feature is enabled, you will see a small pop up message window when ever you compose a new message, which allows you to write an email message within a small window and the new change you will see is that when you write a email message, you will be able to see all the emails arrived in your inbox.

new gmail compose feature

The new compose feature box, allows you to do everything which you used to do when you compose a new email – you can add an attachment, you can add an image etc.

Simple Image Guide To How New Compose Feature Works

New gmail compose feature working

Revert To Old Compose in Gmail

You can always revert to the old gmail compose feature from the new compose box any time by selecting the option as highlighted in the image below.

switch back to old compose

New Reply Gmail Feature

Once you enable the new compose feature, you will see the new reply feature as in action in gmail.

gmail reply options

Simple Image Guide To How New Reply Feature Works

quick new reply in gmail

You’ll also see some differences when replying to or forwarding messages. Most of the changes are similar to those that you’ll see when composing a brand new message.

One more thing to note, how to reach the formatting options – as it has been now located at the bottom of the new compose and reply box.

Formatting Bar moves to bottom in reply

Here are a few additional changes:

  • Recipients: To change who your message should be sent to, click into the recipient field when you’re replying.
  • Type of response: Click the arrow next to the recipient’s name to choose whether your message is a reply, reply all, or forward.
  • Subject: To change the subject of your message, click the arrow next to the recipient’s name and click “Start separate conversation.”
  • Respond inline: If you want to see the previous message within your reply, scroll down until you see the “Show trimmed content” icon and click it.


Both of the new compose and reply feature are designed on the lines of simplicity, so there are simplistic in nature providing the important feature set with simple UI, which many users will like but some options like formatting have become difficult to access as they have been located at the bottom of the reply box rather than being on the top.

[How To] Add Youtube Channel Watermark + Subscribe Link on all videos Uploaded Without Any Editing

Yes, youtube team has silently added a new features across the youtube accounts for all the partners and youtube users who run a channel of their own, with this new feature which is called youtube InVideo Programming which actually allows you to add a watermark instantly across all the videos uploaded under youtube channel and once you enable this it will be automatically added to all new videos you upload under youtube channel.

Add Youtube Channel Watermark   Subscribe Link on all videos

You can easily locate this feature in the left side bar on the channel settings page, once you are logged in to your youtube channel with its user account.

In Video Programming Youtube

Once you click this feature, you will see the see two options

Feature Your Youtube Channel

It will by default put your youtube channel profile image, it will drive viewership to a specific video and reinforce channel branding using InVideo Programming across all your videos.

Feature Your Channel Youtube

It will show the youtube channel profile image on all your videos by default but you can also add a custom image of 800×800 pixels highest and max 1 Mb of size

Promote Channel Subcribe Link

You can select this image to appear in entire video or end or beginning for a set time interval, this image will be directly linked to your subscribe page, so it should help you get more subscribers this way.

Our Conclusion

However when we tested this feature, we found that the channel image looks quite small and does not make that much impact on viewers watching, but if there is some option provided to make this youtube channel image bigger this will make more sense, right now there is no option in youtube to make this happen, it should come out in near future.

Bonus Tip

Another feature is which is also introduced in In Video Programming

Feature One Youtube Video Across All Videos

It helps you promote your video across all the youtube videos on your channel.

Feature A Video On Your Channel

Make sure that the video you select here should be a public video from your channel. You may be able to add a any public video as well, which might not be from your channel but we haven’t tried it

Featured Video

Once you select a video you can set that video thumbnail on all others videos on your channel as you can see in the image below.

Featured Video On All Videos

Please Note: For both of these new feature, you can adjust the position, display time and duration for which the featured video or featured subscribed link


We like both of these new features rolled out for youtube partners and youtube video up loaders but both of these features are quite at basic level, we hope to see more customizations options around these features specially the size of featured channel image

[Source Technospot.net ]

Gmail As Default Email Client For Hyperlink Email Address Mailto Links

Many of us love gmail, there is no doubt in that I am one of those people who cant live without gmail. So, I would like to send every email with gmail only, so set Gmail As Default Email Client For Hyperlink Email Address Mailto Links as it is one the best email platform which is so easy and simple to use and much more powerful with little great experiments on on the other side.

Gmail As Default Email Client For Hyperlink Email Address Mailto Links  

So, this could be really useful irrespective of any browser you are using, there are many ways with which you can add gmail as default email handler for mailto links you click on any webpages. As you may have noticed by default windows link email hyperlinks (a.k.a. mailto: links) to the default desktop mail client which is outlook express, or windows live mail and not even the Google Chrome has gmail as default client for email links.

Set Gmail as Default Email Client For Email Links you Click In Windows

Affixa is a free tool for windows which make gmail the default email to open when you click email address hyperlink, it is also compatible with windows vista and windows 7 and comes with some extra features. The latest version of affixa it now supports Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Google Apps, Zimbra and Outlook Web App. If you have the gmail notifier installed – you can configure "Use Gmail for internet mailto: links" under options of google notifier.


Set Gmail as Default Email Client For Email Links In Google Chrome

To start with, the first most simple way to make gmail open when you click mailto links is to install this free extension for google chrome called Send from Gmail – it will add a toolbar button, clicking on which it will open a separate compose window with the current tab / page title and URL pasted into the message body.  You will need to have google chrome restarted in order to make these extensions work. Another similar extension is Mailto:Gmail or you can also read about another way to do it on gmail by executing a javascript, read more here on how to do it.  

Set Gmail as Default Email Client For Email Links you Click In Firefox

Follow the procedure below,

  1. Open Gmail in Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Type ‘javascript:window.navigator.registerProtocolHandler("mailto","https://mail.google.com/mail/?extsrc=mailto&url=%s","Gmail")’ (not including the outermost quotation marks) in the address bar.
  3. If you do not require a secure HTTPS connection, to Gmail, you can use ‘javascript:window.navigator.registerProtocolHandler("mailto","http://mail.google.com/mail/?extsrc=mailto&url=%s","Gmail")’ instead.
  4. Hit Enter.
  5. Click Add Application under Add Gmail (mail.google.com) as an application for mailto links?.
  6. Select Tools | Options… or Firefox | Preferences… (Mac) from the menu in Mozilla Firefox.
  7. Go to the Applications tab.
  8. Make sure Use Gmail is selected under mailto.

or follow this similar guide here


You can also choose not to install anything in firefox and Go to > Tools > Options, switch to the > Applications tab and then type >mailto into the search field. You can now select an > Action for mailto links from the drop-down menu.

Set Gmail as Default Email Client For Email Links For Mac OX

  1. Make sure Google Notifier is installed on mac os x
  2. Click Google Notifier’s Gmail icon in the menu bar.
  3. Select Preferences… in the menu.
  4. Click the Compose mail in: drop-down menu.
  5. Make sure Gmail is selected.
  6. Close the Google Notifier Preferences window.

Automatic Login In Facebook When You Are Logged In With Google or Yahoo Account

Yes, automatic login in facebook is possible, provided you are already logged in your google account in the same internet browsers like google chrome, facebook and internet explorer. This way your online life could little easier as you don’t have to enter the facebook password and username every time you go to facebook login page, you will be automatically logged in.

The best thing you can do is making your browser remember the password, in order to make logging in easier for you. But then it might not be possible for you to do the same when you are at your workplace then what can be the other smart way to do that. Keeping this thing in mind Facebook has come up with a new feature with the help of which you will be able to log into your Facebook account without entering the credentials even if that system does not remember your password.

You will have to link your Facebook account with another account by going to the setting option and then adding another. Procedure to do the same has been mentioned later in the post. Once you link any account to your Facebook profile then you will not have to enter the credentials to enter Facebook profile, if you have already entered that linked account. For example, if you have linked your Google account with Facebook, then once you open you Google account you will not have to provide credentials while accessing your Facebook account.

Auto Login In Facebook

Here is the procedure to do the same. Please follow this step by step.

Step 1

Login to your account as you used to by providing your login credentials and then click on the drop present on the right top corner of the screen (as mentioned in the screenshot).

automatic login in facebook

Step 2

Then click on the option named Account Settings (as mentioned in the screenshot).


Step 3

You will see a page as mentioned in the screenshot below, now click the highlighted link.


Step 4

Now select any of the options available in the dropdown and then enter you Facebook Password.



Step 5

Then Facebook will ask permissions to use that linked accounts information. Once you provide the Access to Facebook, your account will be linked and then you will not have to enter the username and password for Facebook, when you have already opened that linked account on that system.


But then it creates a vulnerability of your account to get hacked because now the hacker know you Google Password, then he or she might hack your Facebook account too. Please let us know if you face any trouble or need further information related to this feature of Facebook.

Approve Tagging When Someone Tags You On Facebook In Their Photos

Facebook users receives the biggest amount of spam on their facebook profile due to the weak and public tagging feature on facebook, as by default your facebook friends can tag you in a photo they upload on their facebook profile, in such case you might receive large number of useless notifications when anyone comments on that photo in which you are tagged in.


Now, facebook has added some new feature which allows you to first approve a tag when some ones tags you in their uploaded photos on facebook. This feature really gives the control in your hand, as you can approve or ignore when someone tags you so that you can ignore the tagging on some random or useless pictures which gives you trouble with large number of notifications, we have written some helpful tutorials on how to deal with such situations, as mentioned in the articles below.

UnTag, Remove Your Facebook Profile Tagged In A Photo

Stop Receiving Notifications From Facebook Friend Photo Where You Commented or Tagged In

Stop, Prevent Friends, Friends of Friends From Tagging You On Facebook

Here is how you can prevent such things from happening on facebook, read the procedure below.

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