Add Multiple Desktop Screens In Windows With Single Monitor

Many of the users find it difficult to manage between multiple applications if they are opened at the same time. This is because clutter of applications being used on the taskbar creates confusion. And you have to unnecessarily close the them. Sometimes this results in wastage of lot of time to close all of them and reopen them. So, the best option is to make use of virtual desktops. I have mentioned the useful freewares for this purpose. One of the handy freeware to solve your problem is Moo0 Multi Desktop.

Moo0 Multi Desktop is a small freeware of 3.21 MB. It is designed for Windows XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7. It is a user friendly tool designed to solve your problem in a single click.The freeware will be present on your system tray as soon as you install it. It will provide you with three additional virtual desktops. Also, a bar will be displayed on your desktop as shown in the snapshot below to switch between the different desktops.


The various options available are as:

Switch between different desktops

You can switch between different desktops using the slider bar. Also the hotkeys can be used used:

Ctrl + Left/Right arrow keys

Ctrl + 1-4

You can change the hotkeys and replace Ctrl with Alt or Winkey

Show or Hide Desktop

The hotkey for this purpose is Ctrl + Up/ Down arrow keys

Change Wallpapers of Virtual Desktop

You can have different wallpapers for different desktops. The wallpapers for the original desktop can be changed as you do normally. Whereas for virtual desktop the freeware will provide you the option. The snapshot below displays all the available options. You just click on the wallpaper you want to change and browse the picture.


Desktop Bar

You can display or hide the desktop bar. Even the transparency level of the bar can be set. In case, you don’t want that your friends know about the project you are working on, you can hide the bar and switch between the desktops using hotkeys.

Other Options

The colour of the bar can be be changed. And you can choose where and how it should be displayed. All these options can be used by right click on the system tray icon.

Other Similar Freewares Available For Virtual Desktops:

  1. Deskspace: The tool not only provides multiple desktops  but also some interactive desktop features. Like you visualize your desktop in interesting 3D formats. Also, switching between the virtual desktop is like playing games. Just drag the windows and even hotkeys will work.
  2. Dexpot: The tool provides multiple options alongwith virtual desktops like full screen view of multiple desktops, different desktop previews, integrated catalogs and wallpaper options. You can find many other customizing options for your desktop.
  3. goScreen: The developer introduces the tool as switching between the desktops is like simply working with some papers. The different desktops will be displayed as pages and you select one you want to read. It also provides the 3D format.
  4. Virtual Desktop Assist: The tool is almost similar to Moo0 MultiDesktop. You can easily add multiple desktops and switch between them using the hotkeys. The different desktops can be used in different designs.


If you need a simple and light software only to switch between the desktops, you must go with Moo0 Multi Desktop or Virtual Desktop Assist. For enabling other interactive options alongwith virtual desktops, you can use Deskspace, Dexpot and goScreen. But these tools are bit heavier as compared to other two.

Change The Way Windows PC Desktop Looks As Per Ease Of Use

The desktop with different wallpapers is more a choice now a days. Users prefer the desktop where they can organize and create it in their own style. Either they are the icons, shortcuts or any other utility they must be displayed in a particular style. Also the old format of logos is not liked. So, to customize the desktop as per your requirement we will present some wonderful utilities. Also they will help in the easy accessibility of frequently used applications. DesktopX is one of the very good options to design the desktop.

DesktopX is a freeware of 11.9MB. You can easily install the freeware and the user interface available to you is as shown in the snapshot below. This is a bit heavy tool for installation because of the large number of options available. It helps you to Load Widgets like To Do List, Photo Frames etc.,  Objects like MS Office, Mailbox etc and Desktop.


When you click on Load Widgets, a dialog box as shown in the snapshot below will appear. Click on load Widgets to select the desired widgets from the available list. There are few options related to the widgets. You can select the hotkeys like to show and hide the widgets and to keep the widgets at the top or bottom of the screen.


Similarly, you can load the objects as well. Click on the Load Object option. Select them from the available list. A customized desktop has been displayed in the snapshot below. Here are two widgets added To Do List and Word of the Day. Few widgets like word of the day automatically updates through internet. So, be careful while loading such options. There are two objects added mail and word. Also, you can see that the icon displayed for the options are better than the original ones.


Here is one of the widgets explained. You can mention the task, set the priority and make the changes whenever required. As you have seen that the freeware and all the options are very easy to use and self explanatory.


There are many other freewares available for desktop customization:

Similar Programs To Customize Windows PC Desktop Looks

  1. Windows Nexus Dock: The freeware has been designed to have one click access to frequently used documents, folders and applications. You can also view the active connections and bandwidth usage with Net Meter Module. You can also have the option of multiple mouse effect and multi monitor store. Effects in the icons, system tray icons, internet based apps like weather forecasting and many other options are available.
  2. Windows Xtreme: The freeware changes your desktop presentation by adding the widgets, reducing the clutter and removing unused items and customize the desktop in your own style. It also helps in customizing the taskbar. You can create and customize your menus by the built-in Menu Editor option. There are very good drag and drop options. Also, there are many special effects available for icons and others.

DesktopX has been tested on Windows 7 Ultimate version, though it has been designed for Windows XP, Vista and 2000 as well.


Desktop Shortcuts For Most Used Programs In Windows

How often it happens that you want to access one of the most frequently used applications in your system, but for that also it takes lot of time as you need to look out for its icon first from the list and then you may start it. Although, there are various utilities available on the web which allows you to create a shortcut for your frequently used applications, but rarely someone uses them and the reason behind this is either the complexity of that tool or the size which it consumes. So, today we are going to discuss one similar utility but with distinct features and is really small, simple and fast as compared to its predecessors.

Coolbarz is basically a small, simple, easy to use and a helpful utility which allows its users to add application shortcuts for all the frequently used apps to desktop toolbars. It allows the user to add these shortcuts on all the four edges of the screen which saves lot of time for the user. You can see that the toolbars comes with auto hide functionality, which allows the user to perform the regular tasks normally and without any interference.


You may download this utility easily from the link given below and after the installation, you may observe that it runs in the system tray and will not interfere in any of your currently running application or utility. For configuring the utility you need to simply right-click on its system tray icon and from the menu just select Settings in order to access the configuration menu and for editing it. As already mentioned, that the application allows you to add up to 4 toolbars on your desktop on all the four sides. While configuring, you may choose the positions of toolbars shortcut icons, alignment of icons within toolbars, color of toolbars and buttons. Other options such as the show and hide delay, maximum width of buttons, buttons with and without text, and fading options, such as fade in/fade out opacity interval can also be set from the same settings menu which is really simple and helpful.


In order to add a new item to the toolbar, you just need to drag that item with your mouse and drop it over the toolbar and rest will be taken care by the utility itself. Similarly, for accessing the toolbars you need to hover the mouse over the edges of the screen.

So, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility which may come handy for you. Download it from the link given below and try it out for once.

Download Coolbarz

Display Webpage With Active Click able Links As Wallpaper In Windows

There was a time when people used to change the wallpapers of their computer screen just for fun and entertainment. Nowadays, also there are many who are very passionate about having a nice collection of Wallpapers and they change it very frequently. But, today we are going to discuss a new and very innovative way of having wallpapers on your system which you will definitely like. Especially those, who like to change their wallpapers and want a regular improvement in their computer and technology will definitely like this.

WallpaperWebPage is basically a small, easy to use, and a freely available tool which has been developed for fun and entertainment purpose as it loads any webpage of your choice as a Windows desktop background or wallpaper. Although, we all know that along with Windows 7 we get a feature named as Active Desktop which is very similar to this concept, but still this utility makes it pretty simple for the user and brings in lot more features.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below. After launching it, you may observe that it allows you to add any webpage of your choice as wallpaper by simply providing the URL for that particular webpage. If we look into the working of this utility then we may observe that the web page when loaded as wallpaper stays behind all other open windows and the task bar but still remains interactive and hence looks really good for the users.

It thus provides two functionalities for the user, by which we mean that a user is free to browse for the links in webpage in the same manner as he does in a Web browser and on the same time user can even access desktop icons and personalization settings by clicking on ‘Show desktop’ button of the Windows desktop. As already mentioned that the program comes with an auto-start toggle function and a URL configuration field wherein you can enter the desired address.


As shown in the snapshot, you may see a URL configuration field, where you need to enter the address of the webpage to be loaded. After providing the address of the webpage, you just need to click on ‘OK’, and rest will be taken care by the utility itself. In this way, you may see that the desired webpage automatically gets loaded as desktop background, keeping itself behind all other windows and taskbar as already mentioned. After loading the desired webpage as wallpaper, you will be able to click on the links, scroll, browse and navigate elsewhere from it in a normal way, and that without even opening your computer’s browser.

So, overall it is a nice fun utility which you may try by just downloading it from the link given below.

Download WallpaperWebPage

Place Local Weather, Uptime, Search & More Widgets On Windows Desktop

Windows desktop customization has been a common activity for casual users. Some of these users want frequent changes in the look and feel of their desktop. For this, various new software are being developed regularly which comes with large number of features for the users in order to customize their desktop. Although, there are various popular desktop customization software available in the market and also on the web but surely, Rainmeter and Stardock Fences are the two most popular desktop customization software used so far according to the stats on the Internet.

These utilities comes with large number of options for the users for instance we can consider Rainmeter as an example where we can get thousands of awesome skins that make it one of the most popular desktop customization software. Similar to such utility, but still with many more advanced features, we present you another software which is unique and distinct as compared to others of its kind.


XWidget is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available desktop customization software which has been developed especially for Windows based users and it works with almost every version of Windows OS. This particular software adds large number of Mac OS X style widgets to your desktop, thus giving it a new feel and look as compared to normal Windows look.

You may easily download the utility from the link given below and in few simple steps it can be easily installed in your system. Along with the above mentioned features, you may observe that XWidget allows you to edit and customize your own widgets and that only in few mouse clicks. Either you can create your own widgets but if you are not able to do so then it also allows you to download new widgets from the official gallery, which features over 200 nice widgets submitted by users and may prove to be a real help.


First time as you run tis software, you may see various default widgets at the bottom of the desktop which can be used directly. For using them, you need to simply drag those widgets to the desktop area to enable them. After this, you may simply close the widget bar to see the taskbar. A simple right-click on any of these widget will bring all the options such as to hide, edit, configure, or to close that particular widget itself.

Overall we can say that XWidget is a nice little utility which is very light on system resources and can be used easily by the users. So, if you are looking for a free program to enhance your desktop, do give it a try by downloading it from the link given below.

Download XWidget