Free Windows High Resolution, Widescreen Wallpaper Downloader

Wallpapers in the computer system has always been a source of excitement and fantasy among the users, especially among the kids and youth. Many users are very much fond of having the complete collection of wallpapers stored in their system. But, no one among them likes to change the wallpapers of their system manually. For this purpose, there are many utilities which are available over the internet which can prove helpful and can do this job for the user automatically. Although, nowadays with the usage of windows 7 it has become a lot easier as Windows 7 Desktop Personalization feature allows the user to select a large number of wallpapers and automatically apply and rotate them after a fixed interval of time. This definitely gives a new and refreshing look to the desktop as it keep changing these wallpapers frequently, but what if the user wants to carry on only with one type of wallpapers, like, only with landscapes, rain or technology and then to apply them automatically?

For this we recommend you a small and useful tool which serves the purpose of automatically changing the wallpapers. Pulse is basically an open source, small and portable application which allows the user to automatically download and apply wallpapers according to specified keyword. Firstly it allows the user to download the wallpapers in one of the best suited resolution so that they can properly fit in on the computer’s screen.


In order to make use of this small and useful utility, simply download it from the link provided below and then just run the executable file provided after downloading it. You may observe that it sits in the system tray. Now, to make it active and to use it simply right-click on the system tray icon for this tool and the select Options. Then, it will ask you to enter the keyword for the wallpapers type that you want to be searched online. One more section named as Behaviour section, enable the user with Download pictures automatically option which is then followed by the wallpaper update time interval after which the wallpaper will be updated automatically.

Below this, one may also enable the option of skipping the pictures that are there with lower resolution in order to get only the high quality wallpapers which support the monitor dimensions. Once all the settings are configured, then finally click OK so that all the changes can be applied. After this, it will automatically start changing wallpapers after defined amount of time which has been set by the user. When you want to download other type of wallpapers, bring up Options again and change the keyword again in order to download another set of wallpaper.

Pulse works fine on Windows Vista and Windows 7 only and for proper functioning it requires a minimum of .Net Framework 3.5 installed in the system. So, you may download it from the below given link and can try it out.

Download Pulse

Run Programs, Perform Any Task In Windows With Mouse Gestures

Some people are comfortable using keyboard while some are comfortable using mouse. Though there are many shortcuts that make life easy with keyboard but you won’t find any for mouse in Windows. StrokeIt is one application that will make life with mouse very easy. Instead of clicking on close or minimize button you draw gestures to close or minimize window. StrokeIt support widely used applications like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Outlook, and Photoshop and apart from these it have global actions like copy, paste, print etc.

After installation you can see it in system tray.

strokeit 1

In case it stops working just check if the icon is red. It can be you might have accidentally right clicked on it which disables it and you can enable it back by right click on it again.

strokeit 2

To check out different gestures it offers for various commands just click on system tray icon. You will see a window which on left side shows set of commands for different programs and on right side you can add or remove gestures.


To add gesture all you have to do is click on drop down and select the command you want to add after selecting click on Add Gesture button to add it.

strokeit 3

To use the application you just have to press right click of your mouse and draw the gesture you want to you. Like in this case “C” is drawn which is for closing the window.

strokeit 4

In case you draw something that doesn’t match existing list of gestures you will be offered to add it to existing list. Just click on New Gesture.

strokeit 5

You can then name the gesture drawn.

strokeit 6

You can review the gesture drawn by clicking on Review button and gesture would be redrawn.

strokeit 7

Now you can assign it to any application you want like you can assign this gesture for going back in explorer. You can remove existing gesture or can have multiple gestures for same command.

strokeit 8

You can change color of the gesture drawn, its width, time, even button which activates StrokeIt by just going into preferences under Edit tab. To change colors of gesture increase the value of Red or Green than value of Blue.

strokeit 9

This application is very useful for people who can’t remember different key combinations for execution of commands. In no time user can gain expertise on it.

Download StrokeIt from here.

Change, Rotate Background Account Login Screen Periodically

Customizing the appearence of your system makes it more attractive and thus you feel more comfortable in working on your system. If the appearence comforts your eyes and mind, then your work capacity increases and thus it feels good to work on a system. One of the important part of the theme a window is the logon window, which is hard to change and thus it becomes monotonous. Today, I will be reviewing a tool named as ‘Logon Screen Rotator’, which will help you to solve this problem in better style.

As we have mentioned about some tool which can edit the logon screen like ‘7 Logon Screen Manager’ and ‘Windows XP Logon Wallpaper changer’ but This tool will not only edit the logon screen but also keep on changing it at a certain frequency mentioned by you. The range of images will also be provided by you from which the images will keep on changing.

7-20-2010 5-53-16 PM

When you launch this tool, you will not find any icon to add or remove any image. So, do not get confused as if you want to any image or any folder then you can choose that option, present in the context menu of the space present in between the application window. You can either add an image or you can add a folder, once all the images are added to this tool, it will keep on changing the background image of logon window among them.

You can vary the frequency of the change in the logon window background, by the help of setting option. you can change it at each computer logon, or every time when you lock your system or you can stop them to change or you can change them every time when you lock or logon to your system. There are some of the options under setting which are disabled, they will enabled only when you upgrade that tool.

You can also revert back the settings of your logon window if you are not satisfied with the amendments made by this tool. If you want to see the preview then you can click view button, which will lock your system. But in the preview you will not be able to see whether the images are being changed or not.

7-20-2010 5-54-04 PM

The size of this tool is around 2 Mb and it will take few seconds to get installed. Once installed it leave a desktop shortcut icon, from where it can be accessed. This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Logon Screen Rotator

Change, Edit Windows 7 Account Login Screen Picture

One of the main attractive features of an operating system is its appearance. We can see the development in this feature, when we consider the upgrading of Windows XP to Windows 7. So, I can say that appearence really matters a lot as every user wants that his or her systems appearance should be according to their comfort. Hence, customization is a very important feature in the themes offered by OS. Today, I will be reviewing a tool named as ‘Logon Screen editor’, which will help you to customize your logon screen.

We have already mentioned some of the tools which perform similar operations like ‘Vista Logon Screen Charger’ and ‘Saurabhorange Logon Screen Changer’, but this tool has its own advantages as you can rightly get an idea from the name of this tool, that it will edit the logon screen of your OS. It will also help you to edit the logon background wallpaper, by changing it with the wallpapers present on your system. It can do a lot with you logon screen which I will be explaining later on in this review.

7-20-2010 3-54-11 PM

Now, when you will launch this tool you will see a similar application window as shown above. The background of the application window will be same as that of the logon screen, or in other words you can see the preview of your newly edited version of logon screen in the middle of the application window. there will be an option to add any image as the background of the logon window. you can add any image file with the help of that option.

There will be another option on the top named as ‘settings’, here you can change the language, change the mode of representation on the logon window (under advanced style, you can disable the shutdown option from the logon window, enter the policies related to your OS which will be shown on the logon window, and you can also change it appearance), you can also increase or decrease the image quality and you can write any notification for the logon window.

7-20-2010 3-54-59 PM

Whenever you want to see the preview of your logon window, just click the preview option present on the toolbar above and then your computer will be locked wherein you will be able to see the actual logon window.

The size of this tool is around 2 Mb and it is portable, so you change the logon screen of any system at any time, just this device with you in USB. This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Logon Screen Editor

Count, Record Computer Mouse Clicks, Movement

The tool which I am going to review today is more of a game rather than being called as a freeware. Before reviewing this tool, I played a lot with it, but it might be useful for those who want to compare the amount of work done on your system. Its name is ‘Win o Meter’, which will help you to keep a record of work done on your system by using mouse and keyboard.

This tool can be mainly used to check that whether your system was being used by some other in your absence or not, as it records the number of click from mouse, the number of keystrokes made from keyboard and the time for which your system was switched ON. Once you leave your system, you can save the stats of this tool and when you come back then you can compare the new stats with the previous one.

7-20-2010 9-39-00 PM

The stats which will be noted by this tool is mentioned as follows:-

  • Number of Keys presses: the number of key presses by you, when this tool is being operated on your system.
  • Mouse trajectory: The amount of distance travelled by the pointer and the units of measurement will be in meter and kilometers.
  • Mouse Click: The number of clicks made by you mouse, this measurements will be divided in to three parts, on the left the left clicks will be counted, in the middle slot the counts of the scroll key will be used and then on the right side the clicks made by right button of the mouse will be made.
  • Uptime: It is the timer which will measure the amount for which your system was logged on.
  • You can also save these stats in form of text, these options can be seen in the context menu of the tool.

The size of this tool is very small, i.e. around 100 Kb as it does not perform any heavy operations and it is portable also. The funny part about this tool is that when you will launch this tool then, you will have to spend some time to search the execution point of this tool. This tool will neither create any desktop shortcut nor will it be present in the start menu and you cannot even find it in the context menu, but you will see an additional icon in the taskbar tray, which will help you to execute this tool.

This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download WinOmeter