Escape Key Non Functional In Facebook

So, here we are with a flaw which has been scene on Facebook recently. Now, we never tried to test Facebook intentionally, but then we observed while using Facebook. We will mention about this flaw later in this post. This flaw is related to the posting of comment on Facebook, like GMail keyboard shortcut keys, it seems that Facebook also has a shortcut key as ‘Escape’, which has a function of cancelling a posting comment under certain duration of time, but it seems that it does not work properly.

To check this out, I tried to post a comment on a video; you can see that in the screenshot mentioned below. I performed these steps just to confirm this flaw on Facebook.

Posting Comment

We know that when we press the Enter key after writing the comment then it will post the comment. I pressed ‘Enter” key and then within the first second of posting the comment, I pressed the ‘Escape’ key after doing so, it displays that ‘an error has occurred while posting a comment, try Again Later’, this is analogous to the screenshot mentioned below.

posting comment 2

From this screenshot, it is assured that the comment you just posted has not been posted, but the fact is that the comment is already there on that video. Now, in order to assure that the comment was not posted, I just refreshed the page and you can the screenshot below which was found after the page was refreshed.

Posting Comment 3

If you found it useful or if you have something related to this or if you have observed anything else similar to this, then, please let us know. I hope this feedback helped and amazed you.

Angry Birds For Windows Computer Running Windows 7 or Later

Angry Bird is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling and addictive video game ever. After touching almost all the leading Smartphones Operating Systems, it is now available for your Windows PC as a standalone game. Yes, its true.

How is it different from an online version of Angry birds released by Rovio mobile a few weeks back? The earlier one was powered by Flash but this new version is native Windows app that requires no browser, no Flash and you can even smash the pigs while you are offline.

Right after playing the PC version of Angry Birds for a few minutes, you’ll straight away be convinced that this offers a much better gaming experience than the previously released Flash version. You can either play the game in full-screen mode or resize the game window in case you want to record a path of the game.

Pricing Of This PC Version Of The Game :

Angry Birds for PC costs $5 but they do have free working demo with all the initial levels unlocked, a very good news for the beginners or first timers, in case there are any. You can buy the full version using PayPal or your credit card – they’ll send you a serial number via email and that will unlock all the 240+ levels in the demo version itself.

Requirements/Compatibility :

Angry Birds is compative with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. You will be needing an internet connection for the activation process. What are you waiting for folks? Just get it on youe Windows Pcs and enjoy this mind-boggling game.

Download Angry Birds For PC from here

Watch New Latest Movie On YouTube Every Month From Now

India is a nation of movie buffs and Bollywood movies is almost the synonym for the word ‘entertainment’ for majority of people here. So, the must have strike to the Google team and they are here with this important development. The movie channel is live at

This entirely new movie channel where you’ll be able to watch a new blockbuster movie every month, is an addition to the full-length Indian movies that have been available on YouTube for quite some time now.

YouTube Box Office provides :

  • Indian viewers an opportunity to watch the new and popular Bollywood movies in full HD (1080p) from anywhere. You don’t need a credit card, movies never expire and all you need is a decent Internet connection and a browser with Flash player (apologies to iPad users).
  • Producers of the movies, all the advertising dollars that Google must be sharing with the them. So they can feel lucky.

Its a Win-win situation for both the movie viewers and the advertisers. Unlike any other video on YouTube, these movies include 15-second video ads that play after every 10 minutes of the movie. Thus, a 2-hour long movie (Indian films are often longer) can easily have 10-12 ad breaks and you cannot skip, pause or hide these ads. Good for advertisers and the viewers won’t necessarily mind these short ads.

The Box Office channel is sponsored by Intel. YouTube India had earlier partnered with Reliance Big Picture to showcase Salman Khan starrer Dabangg on YouTube – the experiment was mostly a success but the movie is no longer available on YouTube.

Click on this link to watch Band Baaja Baraat, released Online Only On YouTube - Watch Full Movie In High Quality And Enjoy.

Port Apps From iPhone To Windows Phone 7

There is this ever-lasting mobile phone OS war clouding over the telecom market all over the world. With the bigwigs like iOS, Android and Google incessantly battling up in the OS arena to come out victorious, they are not alone in this. Another OS giant is trying enough to make its presence felt amongst the masses – the Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform. And one important aspect that make or mar the success of any mobile OS is the quantity and quality of apps that runs on them – and that’s where the Windows Phone  7 OS is lacking behind so far. Now Microsoft is looking to rectify the same.

Microsoft has addressed the problem by making it easy for developers to bring/port their popular iPhone applications to Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has now launched an iPhone/iOS to Windows Phone 7 API mapping tool that will help the developers to translate their applications to the Windows phone 7 API more easily. Microsoft’s new porting tool tries to break down the barriers usually associated with taking an app from one platform and porting it to another by giving developers an easy way to take iOS API calls and map them straight to existing Windows Phone 7 APIS.

[Read more…]

Unlock All Levels On Online Angry Birds Game In Chrome.

Angry Birds mobile game is the hot topic these days amongst the mobile-gaming freaks and the hackers who tend to be eager to unlock all the levels in the game very much in advance. So, Within an hour of release of Angry Birds for Chrome , the news of it already being hacked is confirmed. Developer Wes Bos discovered that he was able to unlock all the levels in the game, including the Chrome limited edition levels,   with a quick change to the cache.

As one can see in the snapshot below, he got 3 stars on all levels, but with a score of zero. The hack gives all levels 3 stars, so you can play any level you want.

Here are the hacks you need to make this happen:

Hack#1 : javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’3′); i++; } window.location.reload();

Hack#2 : javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’-1′); i++; } window.location.reload(); You can put this in the address bar if you want to undo the change, and play the levels on your own to unlock.

Just note that in order to make the hack work, start angry birds in Chrome, then copy and paste the above code into the Address Bar. Once you have done that, just hit return and the game will reload with all the levels unlocked.

Give it a try today to get the Chrome levels early and play some great Angry Birds. Download Angry Birds for Chrome here. (And make sure you are using Chrome for the download to work). Have fun.

Info Credit :