Translation, Automated Voice Reading Of Text Messages On Android Phone

You must have seen a number of android applications which perform real time text to speech conversion and other applications translate the text into a language that you desire. Google Translate is one such application that translates the text to other languages and is very popular among users. All these features are great but we always search for applications that can perform different tasks at the same time.

SMS Speaker Translating is the next interesting application from our Android section and will definitely be liked by you once you try it out. SMS Speaker Translating, as the name suggests converts the text present in SMS to speech. At the same time another feature of translating the text performs its function and displays the translated text just below the actual message. So the application solves two purposes:

  • First, it converts the text into a language of your choice and
  • Second it speaks out the translated text simultaneously

The application is available for free on Android Market and is simple in almost every aspect. Whether it’s the settings page or the very first screen, the app will not bring any complications along with it. The very first screen is where the user gets to choose between whether he or she wants to translate All SMS or Unread SMS. But before you start using it, one should make changes in the settings menu according to his or her liking.

In the settings one should first choose the language which the messages are supposed to be translated in, from the Your Language menu. The reading speed could also be set from slow to fast as per your convenience. The pitch is another very important where the pitch of speaking could be altered from slow to fast again.

SMS Speaker TranslatingSMS Speaker Translating1

To translate the desired message, simply scroll through all the messages select the message and hit the Read button present at the bottom of the screen where the translated message is displayed in text. The moment you hit the Read button, the app starts speaking out the message. The images below will explain how the message looks like. Since I chose French as the translating language, so the SMS text has been translated in the same.

SMS Speaker Translating2SMS Speaker Translating3

We definitely want you to download and use the application since it is impressive enough and will be useful.

Download SMS Speaking Translating – [Android Market]

Android File Manager Multiple Folder View

Android Market has a number of file explorer and managers such as Linda file Manager, Astro File Manager and many other but we have discovered a new file explorer which is the first ever explorer with two planes. This Dual pane explorer cum manager is known as Total Commander in beta stage and as of now it is available for free but unfortunately is not on the market.

Total Commander is also has a PC version and now the developers have released an android version of the same. Unlike like the PC version which is very easy to use, the application is a bit complicated on the interface but once you try it yourself you would simply love it. The two panes are switchable and at once only one pane is visible in phones but for tablets there is an option to two simultaneous panes. To switch to the other pane either swipe your finger on either side of tap on the three arrow button provided on the sides near the top.


On the very homescreen you have options like select, transfer, compress, delete, sort etc. In order to make any transfers or changes first open a directory. For example if you want to do something with your photos, enter Photos directly from the homescreen or the DCIM folder by scrolling down the folders available in your SD-card. After accessing any folder tap on select option which is the first one on the homescreen and select the required files. After than you can use the transfer option, the second one, or the delete option, the fourth one. You can also compress a folder with encryption support, by selecting a folder and then tapping on the third option,


So the application lets you copy, move, rename, delete, create new folder etc. File and folder sortation is another feature with which you can sort by name, date, size and other parameters.


It supports a number of languages, offers font, style, size and colour customization, hide and unhide files and is extremely feature packed. You would keep exploring once you download it and we guarantee, your future tasks will become a lot easier to accomplish.

To Download Total Commander For Android Search On Google For Its APK file

Single Tap Picture Capture On Android Phone With QikCam

There are plenty of applications for android phones and other devices which are developed for enhancing the features of the stock applications and features and in specific if we talk about the camera and video app then we have a number of options. The latest app to join this feature enhancing league for stock camera and video is known as QikCam.

Alike any other good app it provides you with a lot of features and interestingly the application is extremely clean and simple to use. The main screen has three options: Camera, Video and Sharing. Choosing each of the three takes you to the settings screen where you can choose the default settings for the photo or video you are going to capture.


The reason why the app is worth downloading is that with QikCam you can take photos and record videos without accessing the default camera app. It’s a one-click app with separate widgets for both camera and video and to do the needful one has to place the widgets on the homescreen and just tap them when he or she wishes to click photos or capture videos. Another cool feature is of sharing the captured photo or video and uploading it to a 4Shared account if one has any.


So how to use the app? Read the instructions below and you will understand everything.

  • Download QikCam app from Android Market where it is available for free
  • After installing add the widgets for both camera and video on the homescreen
  • In order to take a picture or record a video hit the respective widget from the home screen itself which will take you to the settings screen where one can enable features like Auto-focus, Flash on/off, resolution in case of Camera and video format and other features for Video.


  • Once set hit the save button and your settings will be saved after which whenever you select the Camera or Video widget the picture or video will be captured immediately. The application will also provide some features such as Delete and Share after capturing any of the the above two.


Download QikCam Android App-[Android Market]

Fingerprint Scan To Unlock Android Phone

Customization is all we look for and why shouldn’t we, as it lets you show off among your friends. If you got an android phone we have a host of options for you but considering the best, we would suggest you Live Locker lock screen which is as feature rich as it is beautiful. The next cool lock screen that we have come up with is the one we are going to review today.

Finger Scanner lock screen is one such application that replaces your default join-the-dots-to-unlock type lock screen by a more sophisticated and techy lock screen that unlocks the phone with the user’s fingerprint. Well does it blow you off? It should as it makes you feel like your accessing a top secret thing(which is your phone in this case) merely by a contact of your finger tip on the phone’s screen.

Finger Scanner AndroidFinger Scanner Android2

I believe the developers wanted to create a unique effect over the user’s mind with the interface and to an extent they have succeeded. To make the screen look more dramatic a horizontal bar keeps on moving vertically to actually make you realize that real time scanning Is being performed. But don’t gettoo excited as now I am going to reveal the trick behind the unlock screen. To unlock the screen, you need to keep your finger tip in the space provided in the middle of the screen and keep it in contact untill the screen vibrates & beeps simultaneously, thrice(the default number of vibrations after which the phone unlocks) after which you should remove it immediately to unlock.

Before you enable the application do go through the settings of it as it would help you understand the functionality better. The first option of Unlock Condition lets you select the number of times the screen must vibrate, which would be known to you only so that you can unlock your phone. Second option is the beep volume where you can set the level of the beep which would go in sync with the vibrations.

Finger Scanner Android1Finger Scanner Android3

In case you forget the unlock condition and contact the screen for a lesser duration, the screen would display Access Denied but will also show a tip at the bottom clearly hinting you the unlock condition. One can also switch off the vibrate assistance if he or she has grasped the duration trick. Auto Start could also be enabled so that the app starts at the time your phone does.

Text Display is the last option where the user enters the Text he or she wishes to see on the lock screen just below the impression. We repeat what we mentioned at the start of the post that this app is really cool to use and will let you show off a bit.

Download Finger Scanner – [Android Market]

Better Enhanced Android Phone Dialer With More Options

The android fraternity has many renowned developers of which one highly acclaimed team is Go Dev team. Applications like GO Launcher, GO SMS, GO Weather have impressed a lot of yours and now to astonish them once again, the team has come up with GO Contacts, which replaces the default Contacts app along with the dialer.

The application is a contact manager available for free on the Android Market and offers plenty of features which are absent in the stock Contacts and Dialer applications. Starting with the interface, it is very simple and user friendly with no complications at all. It might confuse you at the first glance but if you notice carefully the application incorporates the Phone tab with Call Log on one screen which otherwise were separate in the stock application.


Coming to the Contacts tab, the interface again is very convenient to use and is a bit similar to iPhone’s where the alphabets are placed vertically on the extreme right of the screen and to search for a particular contact name just scroll your finger down to the letter with which the name starts. The third tab is Groups and as the name suggests, it lets you group contacts into one as per your requirements. Adding and removing contacts into and from groups is not a difficult task as you just need to use the Edit button provided on the top right corner of every group. Another very useful feature is of bulk emailing and bulk messaging where you just select a group, go to menu and select SMS all or Email all.


The last tab is of Favorites and again it is understandable that it lets you add favorite contacts on the very screen ensuring faster access. The application also allows you to merge duplicate contacts by name and number also. The settings menu is stuffed with a number of personalization options that you can enable or disable as per your needs. It features downloadable themes for Go Contacts, Contact account, Language, Display, Dial settings and you can backup and restore settings as well.


GO and grab Go Contacts from android market and I bet it will make you forget the stock application.

Download GO Contacts-[Android Market]