Categorize, Organize, Filter Music Collection With AudioExpert

You may have large music libraries and you want to keep them organized i.e. keep only unique track and delete all duplicates ones but you don’t have hours to spend on organizing your large music libraries, then here is a tool named AudioExpert which can ease all your jobs.

AudioExpert is a tool developed by UDSE (Ulrich Decker Software Entwicklung) which can easily manage your music files. This tool can join or merge, clean-up, align, sort and manage music archives. You can keep all your music files well organized and that too consuming very less time by using this tool.


This tool is very simple to use. When you install it, you will see window as shown above. Now you can add all your music libraries in this tool. This tool will automatically detect for duplicate files and will decides which file should it keep depending on the quality i.e. bit rate, length and the sampling rate. When you import your music files in this tool, this tool will check for duplicate file names and will inform about same. You can see below its showing that there are 3 files which already exist in music library.


When you click on check duplicates it will show you about the details of your duplicate files.


You just need to press ok and it will automatically remove the duplicate file and keep only better quality file. This tool also runs fast even if your music achieve have more than 50,000 songs. This tool can also detect duplicate files even if their names are different and they belong to same artist. Like one file is named “words” and other one as “wrds” so if they belong to same artist it will detect that too.


This tool first removes duplicity only in database and not from hard drive. Hence it allows you to preview the changes before making to hardrive and if you are happy with the changes you can allow it making changes even in drive. By connecting this tool to internet you can update all missing information of your music files like missing artist name or album name and can even update album covers. AudioExpert can even adjust notation of your music files i.e. can keep all file names in uppercase or lowercase as per your likings and can also remove unwanted tags from your mp3 files. You can convert any codepage to Unicode. Simply specify the source language and this tool will show you a preview of how the ANSI-text will look in Unicode.

The size of this tool is around 5 Mb and still it will not take much time to get installed and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to use this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and requires 1GHz or higher processor with at least 200 MB free disk space and 300 MB free RAM and has been tested successfully on Windows 7-32 bit edition with 2.8GHz processor and 1Gb RAM .

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