Catalog, Manage Your Book Collection on Mac OS X with Book Hunter

People who love reading, often go through a lot of trouble just to keep track of their vast book collections. As much as people are proud of their books and their taste in literature, nothing is worse than being unable to find a book in your shelf, only to remember that you lent it to a friend, but forgot to take it back. Or remembering the story or author of the book, but forgetting the title and cover.

For book lovers, Book Hunter is a tool (for Mac OS X) that allows you to virtualize, catalog, sort, organize and manage your book collection. Its the perfect aid for a book junkie to keep track of his precious books.

On first look, Book Hunter is a beautifully designed app, taking a lot of recognizable elements from famous Mac apps, integrated together in a beautiful package.

But design isn’t the only thing that is great about Book Hunter, because it simplifies the most important task of transferring a real world book library to a program: by integration with websites such as Amazon, IBS, fetching all your book related data is as easy as making a single click. I tried Book Hunter out for 3 books in my library, and the search results were spot on.

However in the rare case that Book Hunter is unable to find your book on Amazon or IBS, you can manually enter as much information as you want to. You can even enter a cover image, if you have one. And once the book info is added, you can view all your books in a nice Cover Flow (iTunes like) format.

Other Features

  • Integration with iCal - If you lent a book to your friend, you can enter the corresponding details in the book properties, and set an alarm to remind you to ask for the book back from your friend.
  • Smart Lists – Create self-updating lists which keep in sync with your other Macs and information from online services.
  • Hunter Touch – If you own an iOS device, you can keep all your books in your pocket, as Book Hunter supports syncing with Hunter Touch.

Book Hunter makes managing and visualizing your home-library so easy, its a must have for any reading enthusiast.

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