Carry Browser Bookmarks On Go On USB Drive

All of us add their favorite sites to the bookmark bar in the browser so that we don’t have to search for that particular site and can access it with just a click of a mouse. But the problem is that those bookmarks are limited to our system only and we can’t carry them with us to other system.

The solution of this problem is a freeware called URL Gather that allows you to carry your bookmarks with you in a USB drive. This tool is specially useful for people who want more than the browser’s bookmarks to maintain their favorite sites.

It simplifies the management of your sites by allowing you to categories your URLs. You can visit the saved site by simply selecting the URL item. It is compatible with Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 and browser – IE 5.0+ / Firefox 1.5+ only.

It is downloaded in the zip file and needs no installation. The utility is very simple to use. The main window has few options to manage your URLs.

Before adding any URL, you should first create a category for it so that it will later help you in remembering the link. For this, either click ‘Edit’ and ‘+Root category’ or just select the icon of it on the window.

You can also add sub-category to it by clicking the icon next to it and it will appear in the ’categories’ in the main window.


Now, to add a URL to your list, just click on the icon on the extreme right which will open a new window ‘New URL’. The name and Location options are mandatory whereas description is optional. When the URL is saved you can visit the site by just double-click on the URL.


It also provides you the option of importing the URLs from your browser ( i.e. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) or from other URL manager. You can use this option by clicking the marked icon which will open a new window of ‘import’.


You can also export all these saved bookmarks to the USB drive so that you can carry them with you which makes it a unique tool. Just click on the export icon which will open a new window of ‘Export’ in which you can choose whether to make a single file or individual shortcuts for URL items.


It also provides the option of searching a particular URL and also duplicate URLs.


You can also set/change password  by going in the ‘Options’.


Likewise, there are options of ‘Switch File’, changing ‘Font’, moving one URL to other category and some more that you can find in the toolbar only.

In short, this portable URL manager is a good utility to have.

Download URL Gather

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