Capture, Take Screenshots & Save It As Image On Mac OS X With Captur

While Mac OS X has a very nice built-in mechanism to take screenshots, to use it, you must remember a few keyboard shortcuts. Also, there is no mechanism to select a format for a particular screenshot or set its name or save location, on a per-screenshot basis.

Captur is a GUI wrapper for the OS X screenshot mechanism which allows you to take screenshots in the same way as the default mechanism, but provides you with a nice GUI to access it using you mouse.

Once you take the screenshot by clicking any of the shown modes, a small review window is displayed, in which you can see the screenshot before you decide to save it or discard it.

Apart from the 3 earlier discussed standard snapping modes, Captur includes 2 new features:

  1. Timed Full Screen – This feature snaps the full screen, but after a delay of 5 seconds. The countdown is displayed next to status bar icon of Captur.
  2. Edit In Preview – Takes a snap of the full screen, and opens it in Preview for immediate viewing/editing. Useful if you want to crop, or play around with the color settings or size.

You can also modify settings related to screenshots from the Captur preferences, which can normally be edited only via shell commands.

These settings include the file name, format of the screenshot, default save location for screenshots, sound settings, window shadow settings, and cursor capture toggle.

Overall, Captur makes a nifty little tool that is good for people who like using their mouse rather than the keyboard. For me, the default screen grabbing utility works just fine.

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